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Merger Arbitrage LImited manages a successful Merger Arbitrage (Risk Arbitrage) investment fund using multiple variants of the traditional merger arbitrage strategy. These special situations variant strategies combine to ... more


Covid-19 And Merger Arbitrage Trading
COVID-19 and merger arbitrage trading has a relationship extending far beyond the immediate profitability of this event-driven strategy.
Merger Arbitrage Spread Performance - Feb. 24, 2019
This is the analysis and performance review of the top 20 US based cash merger arbitrage spreads for the week 19th-22nd February. Included in this week's report are the winners, losers and overall performance of the portfolio.


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Why Merger Arbitrage Hedge Funds May Have It Made In 2019
3 years ago

"They also look for activism outside the U.S. to grow this year, presenting even more catalysts for M&A activity." - This I definitely agree with.

Unfortunately M&A activity does not always translate into profitable merger arbitrage. However, a significant driver for opportunites to profit from merger arbitrage will originate from market volatility. Cash spreads had become extremely tight during the first quarter of the year. Whereas they have now widened to more attractive levels following market turbulence. See here for more current info https://mergerarbitragelimited.com/spreads/

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