Wall Street Is Ignoring BlackBerry's Most Exciting Business, Potential Toyota Deal
Wall Street is ignoring a deal that BlackBerry may have made with Toyota and greatly underestimating the importance of its QNX unit.
E Solar Stocks To Get Big Boost From Two Major Catalysts
Two important positive catalysts are poised to boost solar stocks over the medium to long term.
E A US-China Trade Deal Is Coming
It appears that Trump's threat to place tariffs on Chinese imports has yielded positive results. and my previous call that China and the U.S.. are "likely to reach a trade deal soon" is looking more and more accurate.
E Why China, U.S. Trade Deal Is Likely To Be Reached Soon
The Trump Administration will probably reach a trade deal with China within the next several months.
E Solar Stocks Recover As Some Investors See Silver Linings Of JKS Results
Solar stocks slumped after one of the largest companies in the sector, JinkoSolar, reported that its gross margin fell last quarter. But the company's results were actually quite good, and the sector's outlook remains positive.
E Raymond James Upgrades Pandora Stock Two Notches, Bucking Recent Bearish Trend
Research firm Raymond James upgraded Internet music streaming company Pandora two notches today to a Strong Buy from a Hold rating, contradicting other firms that have been bearish on the name recently.


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What Is Trump Up To With All This Tariff Talk
9 days ago

No end in sight? They're about to sign a deal on 60 percent of the issues and the tariff escalation has stopped. What crazy news are u reading?

Technology Sector Set For A Rebound?
1 year ago

I hope you're right!

In this article: QQQ
Versus Late-January Highs In US Stocks, Sentiment Nowhere As Giddy
1 year ago

Once more trade dealsare reached, sentiment will rebound to January levels.

In this article: SPX, NDX
4 Energy Mutual Funds To Buy As Oil Prices Rally Above $74
1 year ago

Iran-U.S. tensions could also keep oil prices elevated and could cause a huge jump in prices.

In this article: FSENX, UMESX, VGENX, FAGNX
BlackBerry: Hidden Gem Stock With Bullish Outlook For 2018 And 2019
1 year ago

That actually makes the stock's upside greater IMO.

In this article: BB
'If OPEC Survives, It Will Be Without Iran': As Saudi Arabia’s Oil Production Surges, Analysts Ponder The Future
1 year ago

Another great source..some amateur posting on Reddit.

Tens of thousands of Iranian proxies, paid for and directed by Iran, have killed hundreds of thousands in Syria since 2013, bombed our soldiers in Khobar towers, in saudi Arabia in 1996, bombed our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, for many years. IRanian proxies also started a war against the Yemeni governnment that has already killed thousands. They have also taken over the ELbanese government through terror.

'If OPEC Survives, It Will Be Without Iran': As Saudi Arabia’s Oil Production Surges, Analysts Ponder The Future
1 year ago

Thats your great source? Dan Rather? The man who was fired for lying about Bush? Versus a federal judge who reviewed tons of evidence. Whos more believable?

We didnt depose the Shah. The Iranian Nazi mullahs did. Theyre supposedly angry at us because we deposed their democratically elected president in the early 50s. How long will they keep that grudge? should we be bombing Germany and Japan because of World War II and calling them Great Satan and killing their troops?

anyway it's an excuse. Theyre a brutal Nazi regime that is hated by and get into wars with all of their neighbors. And they admit they want to take over the world to advance their insane messianic agenda (just like the Nazis)

As Ive asked you before, how many of the Trump haters' nightmare scenarios have come true in the 18 months hes been president? Actually, zero, and even millions of Dems who are more worried about the country and themselves than PC/libertarian dogma and politeness are becoming fans of Trump.

Trade War: America Is Headed Right Off A Cliff Into Economic Disaster
1 year ago

How is it not in the interest of both Trump and China to make a deal? China has already made major concessions. Trump, IMO, is just seeing if he can get more.

Dr.Copper Is Sick - Global Growth Scare Looms After Biggest Drop In 7 Years
1 year ago

Maybe its largely because of worries about the trade skirmish.

In this article: JJC
'If OPEC Survives, It Will Be Without Iran': As Saudi Arabia’s Oil Production Surges, Analysts Ponder The Future
1 year ago

Did you know a federal judge found Iran complicit in 9/11? That Iranian proxies have killed hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia? That Iran is developing nukes, lICBMs, and a weapon that can destroy electrical grids? That they call us Great Satan, leading to the obvious conclusion that those weapons are targeted against us? That they have taken dozens of U.s. citizens hostage? that their ultimate undisclosed goal is to take over the world and convet everyone to Shia Islam?? That they are the leading sponsor of terror and developing nukes? all of that is totally true...and you dont think they are a national security threat to us?

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