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S Why Protalix Is Back On The Radar
After encountering bureaucratic hurdles, Protalix's PRX-102 has come through the BALANCE study with flying colors and is ready to reapply for its BLA.
S Stem Holdings: Getting In On Marijuana's Ground Floor
Stem Holdings is an American company listed both OTC and in Canada, well-established in Oregon and gaining a foothold in other states.
S Kindred Healthcare Not A Good Bet For Individual Investor
Less than 5% of KND is held by individual investors, and the recent changes to its core mission underline why this is one best left to the professionals.
S Why I'm Interested In PDL BioPharma
Satisfying my curiosity as to what happened to some venture-backed companies, in this case one called ESP Pharma. Its acquirer hit a rough patch but may be looking up.
S Naked Brands: An Interview With CEO Carole Hochman
Naked Brand Group has announced its intentions to merge with Bendon Ltd. The synergies are clear. We got a chance to interview Naked's CEO about the company's past, present and future.


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Teva Stock Is Getting Destroyed. Is Now The Time To Buy?
4 years ago

(oops I hit send too soon). The stock is still much not more than half where it was two weeks ago - but I'm curious as to who is buying back in.

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Teva Stock Is Getting Destroyed. Is Now The Time To Buy?
4 years ago

Yes, the ongoing lack of CEO is a problem, and yes, the loss of market cap is significant, but this article seems to be a bit outdated, the stock has been climbing back since the weekend. It was up 5% today. I think 'destroyed' is quite an overstatement.

In this article: TEVA
Achillion Pharmaceuticals Shares Shoot Up On Positive Trial Results
4 years ago

The stock corrected but has been inching back, holding around $5, so it looks like investors are holding onto the positive takeaway from earnings.

In this article: ACHN
Here's What Markets Have Missed By Overlooking The VBI Vaccines CMV News
4 years ago

I thought the news you were going to discuss was the IND issued today for 1901, the brain cancer program. What do you think about that newer news?

In this article: VBIV
3 Reasons Why I Prefer Nike To Under Armour
5 years ago

Why is UA's SG&A so high? Is it a limited-time thing as they try to extend into new product areas? The pursuit of constant growth has a cost...

In this article: NKE, UA
Lululemon Plunges Over 16% On Poor Guidance
5 years ago

Oh come on - I hate it when people sacrifice accuracy for the sake of snark. Clearly the United-leggings fiasco is too recent for you to even mention it in the context of their quarterly report.

In this article: LULU
Gappers Gonna Gap
5 years ago

Your comment about women stealing clothes is both not pertinent and impertinent. I know you're a smartass :-) but if you have nothing to say, maybe don't say it.

In this article: LULU
Index Windex
7 years ago

What is the next-to-last chart? I think somebody said it's the VIX?

In this article: DIA, OEX, IYT, GLD
Gold Vs Gold Stocks: Bullish Anomaly Developing?
7 years ago
That depends, what would you like ME to do for YOU for free? Read your article? Follow you? Share it?
In this article: GDX, GLD
5 Pitfalls Of Procrastinating To File Your Taxes (And How To Avoid Them)
7 years ago

It's true... my mom filed early and got her return within 3 weeks.

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