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Kal Kotecha, PhD, is the editor and founder of the Junior Gold Report, a publication about small cap mining stocks that is read and enjoyed by thousands of investors. From 2003-2006, he was the editor and creator of the Moly/Gold Report, which focused on critical analyses ... more


Are We There Yet?
Gold stocks are essentially equities. When the stock market falters, usually precious metal stocks also follow.
The Gold In The Volcano
Vesuvius, possibly the world’s best known volcano has erupted at least three dozen times since 79 A.D. It’s a cyclical thing – just like the gold market that see-saws from bull to bear to bull dependent on factors that drive the force.
MX Gold Corp. – Expected Production
Resource investors have been watching the recent movements in the gold market with a mixture of trepidation and excitement as the precious metal continues to rise in value on a wave of political uncertainty and natural disasters.
The Banking Crisis – Why Gold?
Gold was the first currency to utterly shake the world and shape the way that economies that stretched across continents and ultimately oceans formed, flexed, and changed.
Could Brexit Lead To A Return Of The Gold Standard?
A lot has happened in the markets including Brexit which has resulted in the price of gold rising higher and sustaining. Even former Federal Reserve Chairman believes in the return of the gold standard.
Oil Or Gold — Where To Invest?
Deflation is not necessarily ‘negative’ for the prices of precious metals. Lowering interest rates in Canada to even negative interest rates might be the most prudent step to continue churning the Canadian economy.


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