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Three Thoughts

Date: Thursday, May 6, 2021 6:45 AM EDT

My first thought applies to the coronavirus vaccine.  I applaud the Administration's effort to waive the patent restrictions on the vaccine.  It shows what kind of leader the United States would be as globanomics is inevitably implemented.  It is also consistent with the general leadership the United States showed after the last great war.

My second thought applies to coronavirus giveaways.  It is time to bring them to a halt--period.  More than a few times at my own local level i have heard employers complain that they cannot get workers back to work because of the unemployment and other giveaways.  It is time for all of that to stop.  What was done was properly done, but nothing more needs to be done in that area now.  Democrats have always been known for their generosity, but now they need to speak forcefully in telling people the free ride is over and it is time to get back to work.  Trumpism is still alive and we don't need to give them any fodder for their arguments.  It would be good to be at "full employment" with a booming economy for the 2022 midterms--and now is the time to start.

My third thought pertains to the $15 minimum wage.  I thought i heard this mentioned again the other day by someone in the Administration.  The $15 minimum wage is not a good idea.  Something more in line with $11-$12 is more appropriate as i mentioned before.  The $15 rate might be smart to use as a bargaining chip, which can be lowered to compensate for other gains during negotiation, but it is simply not a good rate for the entire country.  The question you must answer with the $15 rate is why should this current generation get a minimum wage nearly 50% higher than all previous generations.  

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