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The Left and the Right--Twenty Differences

Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024 6:03 AM EDT

Let's talk a little bit about the differences between the Left and Right in the United States of America.  That's how i began this post when i first sat down to create it.  Then in probably the next thirty minutes i came up with these twenty differences between the Left and the Right off the top of my head.  Personally, I think one could actually keep going, but i just stopped at twenty differences--knowing even then that i am showing only the tip of the iceberg.


1.  Foreign policy:  The left tends to support historical alliances that have built over time.  The right tends to support screwing old alliances and creating new ones with the authoritarian states.

2.  D-Day:  The left tends to support the military action taken on the longest day.  The right tends to think that those who died on that longest day were "suckers".

3.  Abortion.  The left abhors unreasonable abortion restrictions.  The right "hates, hates, hates" abortion and will do anything in its means to stop such actions.

4. The trans-community.  The left stands in support of the trans-community.  The right think that the left has created the trans movement and think that "trans" are either subhuman or really fucked up.

5.  The economy.  Neither the left or the right understand the economy, yet they both think they should be in control of it.

6.  The military.  The left supports a focused military if it follows "moral and ethical" procedures.  The right "loves" the military--they would like to use it for domestic purposes.

.7.  The flag.  The left stands and acknowledges the flag when the National Anthem is played, knowing what it stands for.  The right "wraps its arms around the flag" they love it so much--the trouble is the right does not know what the flag stands for.

8.  Electric boats.  The left supports electric boats.  The right is worried that they will get electrocuted when an electric boat sinks, but knowing that it is better than being eaten by sharks.

9.  Leadership.  The left looks for "moral" leadership.  The right looks for "farcical entertainment" when it comes to leadership characteristics.

10.  Truth.  The left generally believes in the truth.  The right has no fucking idea about anything that has to do with truth outside that provided by their Golden Idol, el trumpo.

11.  Lies.  The left doesn't really see that much benefit in lying.  The right endorses "clear and distinct" lies of all sorts.

12.  Intelligence.  The left tends to fall on the side of intelligence.  The right tends to fall on the side of ignorance.  (Which by the way is the scariest thing about the upcoming election.  In the United States some our concerned that the number of ignorant people might out-number the intelligent people.  In fact, that might be the case worldwide, although i do think things are getting better along those lines).

13.  The Supreme Court.  The left pretty much sees the current Supreme Court of the United States as being biased, corrupt, and unworthy of its historical past.  The right pretty much thinks that the current Supreme Court of the United States is the best it has ever been.

14.  Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran (i.e., the nestled authoritarian states of the world).  The left looks at these nations as "failed authoritarian states".  The right thinks these nations know more than the United States and that we should move more in their direction.

15.  Freedom.  The left sees freedom in very broad terms that in effect should encompass everything.  The right sees freedom to be limited to only those things that require it, which in the rights' mind is pretty much "nothing", although they sure do like to taut how much they believe in the term.

16.  The Hush-Money trial.  The left sees it as the least of the charges facing el trumpo, but they do believe that the 34 guilty counts are more than deserved.  The right sees the Hush-Money trial, the "classified information" charge, the January 6th charges, and the "Georgia election tampering" to be nothing but "political bullshit".  The right does not believe any of the facts associated with these charges--despite the fact that they have probably seen the facts 100 different times on their television screens.

 17.  The Hunter Biden trial.  The left sees this as an attempt to make a tit-for-tat by the right, but the left knows the difference between a "tit" and a "tat".  The right sees the Hunter Biden trial as a clear example how the left is even more corrupt than their leader.  One buys a gun as a possible way to kill himself, the other tries to overthrow the Government of the United States with a coup.  And that is the "tit" and the "tat".  The right loves to suck on the tit.

18.  Infrastructure.  The left believes the United States needs to spend money on its "infrastructure".  The right would rather have "Infrastructure Day" or "Infrastructure Week", then do nothing about it.

19.  Vladmir Putin.  The left sees Putin as a mis-guided tyrant, who is dangerous to the world.  The right views Putin as a "master genius" who has it all over the current President of the United States--despite the fact, again, that the reverse is true.

20.  Education.  The left believes in education and supports it.  The right believes that anything above a high school degree is a waste of one's time and money.

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