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I am an analyst and adviser who has covered all the major financial markets in the world: equities/stocks, currencies (FX), commodities, bonds/debts/fixed income (government/ sovereign treasuries and corporate credit spreads), interest rates and cryptos (digital currencies). Both cash (spot) and ... more
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Marel's Stock Price Rebounding But Nearing An Important Inflection Point
15 days ago

To my knowledge, outside of Iceland the most liquid market for Marel´s stock price is Euronext, Amsterdam. Have you been doing this stuff for a long time?

Commodities And Rates Attempting Breakouts At The Same Time
4 years ago

Hi Chris, I enjoy reading your chart analysis. The analysis is usually clear and the charts clean (no indies etc.). I have seen you use log scale charts but it looks like you are using a linear scale on the two charts above and on the US dollar index chart you posted on seeitmarket.com (pls correct me if I am wrong). As you know, on long term charts diagonal/sloping trend lines look different on a log scale than on a linear scale. Rgds, Halli.

In this article: DBC
Market Outlook Sees Treasury Yields Continuing To Trend Higher
4 years ago

Good analysis. One pointer. I think the chart where you show both the 2y and the 10y yields should have the same scale, whether shown on one or two axes.

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