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The Fed knew about the housing bubble before it burst but lied and said they didn't: Bill HR 1424 to buy bad paper (eventually called TARP) was introduced in March 9, 2007, before there began to be bad commercial paper from private subprime RE loans, in August.

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E Skinny Deal: Whose World View Is Currently Winning?
Bannon and Cramer populism vs. Ron Paul; meddling in Hong Kong.
E The Derivatives Monster Creates A Bull From Capital, Not Labor
Siphoning off capital takes place as interest rates generally decline, and it is a dangerous game.
E Why Did The Fed Turn Dovish? Not Just Trump
One could almost say that keeping business cycles going is a sign of economic weakness! The Fed fears the pain of a downturn on the banks and counterparties. Barely over 40 percent of all derivatives trade through clearinghouses.
E Trump Economic Plan Revealed: What Should The Fed Do?
Trump's plan implies American capital would flood out from the US into China bonds, driving yields down. Theoretically that would drive the Yuan up with hot money. With China losing money on US bonds that go negative, that is certainly is risky.
E The Poverty Of US Interest Rates
Poverty in the financial system can be measured by interest paid on treasury bonds.
E While Global Warming Warriors Freak Out, China Coal Offers Prosperity
If the Great Depression was an energy crisis, the world has to hope deep down that China's coal plants multiply like rabbits as a slowdown in the world economy nears.


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MMT Heaven And MMT Hell For Chinese Investment And U.S. Fiscal Spending
6 hours ago

I agree, but I don't understand what he means by pure debt free money creation unless he is talking about the Fed expanding its balance sheet which would not add to the national debt. But that is more like helicopter money than MMT.

Goldman Loses Its Grip
1 day ago

People aren't keen for Goldman going into retail. Years of bad pr and bad press matters.

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Optimism On China Trade & Brexit Drives Markets
1 day ago

Bloomberg reported that China wants existing tariff rollbacks before ChIna will buy 50 billion in US crops. Trump is being toyed with. He brought it on himself. We can only hope that China will drive POTUS crazy. Time for someone to be prez who realizes that China is bigger than we are. Supposedly he know this, according to Michael Pillsbury who spoke about PPP on Fox biz. But does he realize he is not going to beat China?

Skinny Deal: Whose World View Is Currently Winning?
1 day ago

Update: Oops. Bloomberg reports that China will only buy the massive 50 billion in farm products if Trump rolls back more tariffs. China is playing with Trump, and frankly he deserves it.

The Trade War That Never Stops
2 days ago

This article pins down the problem with Trumponomics.

Is Steve Bannon Doing China A Big Favor?
2 days ago

Update 9: The Skinny Deal with China may allow more compromise with China in the future. It all depends if Trump sides with Bannon or with pragmatism. You can be sure that China will still move towards greater national independence even if the tariff wars are completely resolved. Trump has hurt the United States' position with China. It may be difficult to measure that damage going forward.

'We Have Lift-Off': Yields Lead The Charge Higher; Load Up On Equities, Exit Gold Longs, And Sell US Dollars
3 days ago

Great answer. But there were massive pur hases of treasuries as yields declined. Those are often used as collateral. The counterparty margin losses could be massive if rates rise too quickly, but I cannot give a time frame regarding how much time would elapse or how fast the rise in rates would be before it is a danger.

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'We Have Lift-Off': Yields Lead The Charge Higher; Load Up On Equities, Exit Gold Longs, And Sell US Dollars
3 days ago

Hey Robert. Two things. First, I don't get the connection between rising reserves and funding costs because we are told that excess reserves cannot be loaned out. I suppose the interest on excess reserves can be. But Jamie Dimon warned in another period of time where interest on reserves were in place, that a fast rise in rates could hurt the banking system. What if treasuries, the collateral of choice in derivatives markets, lose too much value too quickly?

In this article: SPX, BITCOMP, ETH-X, UGAZ
'We Have Lift-Off': Yields Lead The Charge Higher; Load Up On Equities, Exit Gold Longs, And Sell US Dollars
3 days ago

It depends on how fast long yields rise. Collateral issues connected with fast rising yields could cause market selloffs to meet margin calls.

In this article: SPX, BITCOMP, ETH-X, UGAZ
It's All About The December Tariffs Now: "These Negotiations Look Much More Difficult Than Phase 1"
3 days ago

Only sustained compromise will keep this trade defusion going.

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