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War: Good Or Bad For Stocks?
Despite assumptions to the contrary, the evidence shows that there's no consistent relationship between U.S. stock prices and peace -- or war.
When The Uber-Wealthy Bash The Wealth Gap, It's Time To Worry
The lint of acrimony over the widening gulf between the 1% and everyone else is smoldering once again.
Eurozone – Rotten To The Core
This week's Eurozone economic data will worry the ECB even more.
The Fed Follows The Market Yet Again
Too many investors and pundits obsess over whether the Fed will raise or lower the Fed Funds rate and what it all supposedly means. If you want to know what the Fed will or will not do, simply look at T-bills.
Perception Of Powell Put In Place – QE4 Looms
For better or worse, the markets perceive that Fed chairman Powell has showed his hand. The FOMC minutes of the January meeting revealed almost unanimous agreement to announce a plan soon for ending the Fed’s policy of balance sheet reduction.
Italy In Recession
The European project is on ever more shaky ground as Italy confirms an economic slump.




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