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Short-Term Downtrend Begins
A short-term downtrend started on Jan. 23. This short-term downtrend has been confirmed by an increase in the NYSE new 52-week lows, a dip in the NYSE bullish percents and a decline in the NYSE cumulative net advance/decline line.
Short-Term Trend Turns Upward
The short-term trend turned upwards on January 9, but I missed it because the downtrend was so brief. Or, maybe labeling a downtrend on January 3 was a mistake.
Time To Raise Cash And Take Profits?
The NYSE number of stocks above the 50-day has been declining for a week (confirming the PMO Index above) even though the NYSE Price Index has held steady. In my view, that is a signal to take partial profits and to raise some cash.
Market Peak In Bullish Sentiment?
There were quite a few buying climaxes this week where the high and low of the week engulfs the range of the previous week and the price closes near the low. It's often a sign that there has been a peak in bullish sentiment.
Market Stretched: Time For Partial Profit-Taking
The short-term uptrend continues, but the market is so stretched that it is time to start taking partial profits in order to lock in gains and to prepare for the next buying opportunity.
Market Uptrend Extended
The market's upward climb continues very nicely, but the trend is extended which means there are profits that need to be taken at some point soon.


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A Reversal Day Often Marks The Short-Term Bottom
1 year ago

I would love to know why gold is so weak. I am open to all suggestions.

Portfolio Update September 2017
2 years ago

Very interesting blog! I am a new reader, and I will enjoy reading about how you decide which stocks to keep as they go down in price, and which you decide to sell.

In this article: CMI, GNK
USD And Gold Cycle Update
3 years ago

Very nice charts.

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