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Who Rules Over Planet Earth?

Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 1:26 PM EDT

We now know that ‘money’ rules this planet and that ‘money’ controls the 7.4 billion people on this planet. This has become obvious! But which group of 'money-men' could be behind all our global electronic markets which appear to be manipulated and rigged. My view is that the Group of Thirty qualifies as this entity: A full review of this website will reveal the interconnections between personnel within this Group and all the 100+ Central Banks on this planet. Take some time to review the Group of 30 website for details on the individuals who work 'behind closed doors' to rule this planet. It could be very instructive IMO!

Could there also be ONE (1) key personality which has the MOST influence upon global monetary policy and key decision-making actions (as of 2016)? Having worked for a large corporation in the past, I realize that the Board of Directors has great influence over policy decisions. I also have realized that within a particular Board there is usually ONE individual who seems to stand out as the key person of knowledge and credibility (when key decisions must be made). This single person often sways others so that his decisions prevail (generally). After all, its people who live on planet Earth and key people who rule this planet.

A key person is someone with exceptional overall knowledge and wisdom and who conveys these factors within a GROUP situation. Group think is the goal of all organizations and when push comes to shove there is ONE person (often) operating ‘behind closed doors’ who can influence decisions. For example: Should a commodity like ‘gold’ be suppressed in ‘price’ to lend credibility to our current digital currency scheme which we desire for planet Earth? If the view of this ONE key decision-maker is Yes, then this is likely what will happen in the marketplace. A proxy (say a computer trader(s) will be chosen to do the suppression scheme (so that no one knows what is happening in real-time).

Who understands the history and purpose for ‘money’ better than most on this planet? Which cultural group has the knowledge and understanding of numbers/accounting/banking operations and also understands ‘human nature’ better than the rest. Think on this for a few minutes before continuing. This cultural group has been persecuted for their intelligence and influence (mostly since 31 A.D.). This cultural group has their chosen relationship with the metaphysical realm (powers that ultimately rule this planet). Select individuals within this cultural group understands monetary history and the importance of controlling ‘money’ so that events are controlled and their vision of reality prevails.

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