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Money ($$$$$$): Subjective Vs. Objective!

Date: Monday, December 5, 2016 8:33 PM EDT

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Today I went hiking and I was looking for some ‘money’ while on the trail.  Where-ever I looked, however, I only observed objects and people…but I did not observe any such thing as ‘money’. I looked in my pockets and I had no metal coins or paper notes. I did not have any silver or gold coins either. I did have my smart phone, however, so I looked into my Fidelity Account ( to ‘perceive’ if my IRA still had some digits under the label of ‘investments’. I thought about possessing these ‘digits’ and putting some of these ‘virtual’ units into my pocket, but I was disappointed when I tried to reach into my computer screen. I could not access my ‘money’.

What is my message with the above parable? My message is that ‘money’ today is not an Objective ‘thing’ or ‘object’. What we use for ‘money’ today are mostly ‘digits’ within our computer screen (now located in ‘cyberspace’). Are these units or digits ‘objective’ phenomena? Do they ‘exist’ within our greater material universe? Are they actually anything ‘material’? This is my question. My answer is that today’s so-called ‘money’ is NOT ‘material’ or ‘objective’. So what is it? I would suggest that most of today’s ‘money’…some 95% within the USA…consists of ‘units of subjective information’ (mere ‘imaginary numbers’). There is no objective ‘thingness’ to any of these units of human consciousness. This means that I can not possess these units!

What has emerged in recent years is a money system which resides within the ‘inner’ consciousness of our banksters (as mere ‘imaginary’ numbers/symbols) and then these units of the mind get ‘typed’ into our computer screens and called ‘money’ (legal tender). Central bankers and also commercial bankers can now create these subjective units ($$$$$$) from their thinking and then record a loan transactions (on their computer) as an Asset and a Liability. This accounting gimmickry is now the process which creates our money ($$$$$$). The entire process and the operations are ‘subjective’ at the core. Money, in reality, does not ‘exist’ as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’. What a change from yesteryear!

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