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‘Fake’ News, ‘Fake’ Money, and ‘Fake’ Leaders!

Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 3:51 PM EDT

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The new word for 2016 was/is ‘fake’. Yes, I do witness many ‘fake’ situations today. The news outlets and our many official media personalities have had many ‘fake’ aspects to their reporting. Our money system is now totally ‘fake’ and imaginary. And many of our leaders are ‘fake’ leaders…as they promote Socialism and Global Governance over the historical ‘values’ of America (individual freedom and self-governance). Why did I vote for a non-politician in 2016? My thinking revolved around all the growing ‘fake’ policies, ideas, and programs which I witnessed these past eight plus years. The model being advocated these past eight plus years has been a non-American model IMO.

America was founded upon core ‘values’ which have not been fully realized to date (equality, self governance, freedom). We read about our ‘values’ in the founding documents of our country. The idea that America stands for Socialism, Collectivism, and Global Governance is totally anathema to all that I have internalized these past 70+ years. Americans do not desire global Socialism and Americans IMO do not desire ‘imaginary’ money. Americans also do not like ‘fake’ news and deceptions which mislead their decision-making. I think this is why Americans are now rejecting much of the establishment propaganda. Our Congressional leaders now command less than 10% approval!

The establishment seems to have lost their focus and these elites are now promoting a form of governance which our founding fathers rejected as a form of enslavement. We tried Socialism/Collectivism back in 1608 and 1620 and found that it could not work. Human nature rejects gifts from a collective warehouse where no-one has ‘earned’ their reward. People like to work for their rewards and most like to get rewarded when a serious effort has been performed. Mere gifts from a collective warehouse which get distributed by a power broker in charge is not the American Way.

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