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Attn: Mr. Trump: Let’s ‘Drain the DEBT’!

Date: Monday, December 12, 2016 4:33 PM EDT

Image result for Global Debt for all Nations (now stored within cyberspace)

As an educator/consultant, Mr. Trump, I would be pleased to visit with you and your economic/financial staff on the current (real-time) issues of three core economic concepts which have materially changed in meaning in recent years (the concepts are: ‘value’, ‘money’, and ‘currency’). I would be willing to fly to New York or Washington D.C. and visit with you and your economic team on these issues. This visit, Mr. President Elect, could lead to a ‘draining of all our accumulated ‘debt’ from all our National bookkeeping records (in time) and also a similar ‘draining’ of the records (now stored in cyberspace) of all our counter-parties (China, Japan, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, etc.)…assuming they agree!

The key to this hopeful result is your ‘full’ understanding of the ‘nature’ of these three concepts and their recent change in meaning (as a result of our cyber markets)! My personal teaching experience has led me to the conclusion that most economic thinkers (irrespective of education) lack an understanding of the new cyber markets which have recently evolved…mostly since the late 1990’s. What most financial thinkers don’t seem to comprehend (fully) IMO is that all our financial ‘numbers’ now live within a ‘metaphysical’ environment called Cyberspace. Cyberspace is much different from normal space/time concepts which represented us during our founding up until recently.  

I am fully convinced, Mr. President Elect, that I could explain and also educate your economic team on why the above three historical concepts of economics have changed (materially) in meaning and why we now need to ‘drain the swamp of debt’ from our National cyber ledgers. This is now possible as the core concept of economics (value) has also become a metaphysical and subjective concept as a result of being divorced from gold…and this has created a global marketplace of new metaphysical concepts…all of which are subjective and imaginary.  Money, currency, and value are now ALL metaphysical/subjective/imaginary concepts of our consciousness…which should be interpreted differently from prior textbook learning on economics and finance.

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