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Currency Manipulation 'Necessary'! Why?

Date: Friday, December 2, 2016 8:23 PM EDT

Today, the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) had two articles which mentioned that ‘currency manipulation’ is our chief problem within international trade. Phil Gramm’s article was entitled “Understanding the Trump Trade Agenda” and James Mackintosh’s article was entitled “Beyond the Buck, No Greener Pastures”. Neither pundit seems to comprehend that countries (Central Banks) MUST manipulate their cyber currency as this currency is now a subjective ‘metaphysical’ unit. Paper and metal money is being eliminated (globally). Read my prior mission entitled “The Dollar – Now a Metaphysical Unit”.

International Trade (historically) has been based upon the concept of ‘objective’ currencies which had stability and some objective ‘value’. This is no longer the situation. This all changed gradually after the closing of the gold window back in 1971 – 73. Today, our currency unit is ‘metaphysical’ ($$$$$$$) and the unit emerges from the consciousness of select Central Bankers (operating behind closed doors). This unit called (dollar, yen, pound, euro, krona, peso, etc.) is now created as a ‘number’ (bit) within our computer screen. This so-called ‘bit’ or ‘digit’ is subjective and a ‘no-thing’ unit derived from the human mind.

The unit is circulated within our computer screens and a photon of light attached to this ‘bit’ concept produces this ‘metaphysical’ currency (within our computer screens). How can this be a stable unit for measurement of ‘value’ or ‘anything’? Countries MUST manipulate their unit to survive in today’s greater cyber marketplace. Phil Gramm needs to update his thinking on the ‘nature’ of today’s currency units. So does James Mackintosh who writes about the Dollar and its history. Our money today is gradually being converted to ‘cyber’ digits (bits/bytes) within our computer screen. Note what India is currently doing with their paper note currencies (all is going ‘digital’). Chaos is emerging over in India!

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