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Daryl Montgomery runs the 8,000 member New York Investing meetup, an educational group for average investors and small traders. He is the author of 800+ investing articles and five books on investing and politics. He writes the monthly, "New York Investing Market Newsletter", which ... more

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Using The Double-Death Cross For Improved Sell Signals
4 years ago

Thanks! There will be followup articles explaining more.

May Retail Sales: Finally Some Evidence Of A Spring Bounce
5 years ago

Yes, but it's bounce in inflation.

If Crude Oil Hits $35, Which Countries Could Be Impacted The Most
5 years ago

If oil hits $35 a barrel, the country most impacted will be Fantasy Land. #WTI #Brent #crude $CL

Russian Contagion Spreads To European Banks: French SocGen, Austrian Raiffeisen Plummet
5 years ago

In 1998 when Russia defaulted, the NASDAQ lost 30% in one month. US/EU can wind up screwed big time by contagion.

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