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3 Ways Estate Planning Is Used In Small Business
The life of a small business owner is a hectic one with a lot of owners failing to follow basic estate planning and business law practices.
U.S. Crude Oil Rises 0.47% On Tuesday, Investors Eye Production Cut Extension
Yesterday's rise on crude oil is expected to be short-lived, as concerns over U.S. crude oil production continues to mount.
Flurry Of Recalls Leaves Ford Stock Reeling
A flurry of recalls and slowing sales sent Ford stock tumbling over the last three weeks. The stock reached a one-month high of 12.7 on March 16 before plunging to 11.4 on Monday.
Amazon Acquired Souq Entering Into Middle Eastern Markets
Amazon is transitioning into the Middle Eastern market by acquiring
XOMA Corporation Falls 3% After Posting Q4 Loss
XOMA Co. (XOMA) released its fourth-quarter earnings report on Thursday, posting a loss on the quarter after reporting a profit in the same period a year prior.
Allergan To Acquire Zeltiq Aesthetics For $2.48B, $56.50 Per Share
Allergan announced on Monday that the company will acquire Zeltiq Aesthetics in a $2.48 billion deal. The company's failed merger with Pfizer Inc. last year has led to Allergen Chief Executive Brent Saunders acquiring several companies.




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Bitcoin skyrocketed over 11% on Monday to reach $2,289, with the currency up 30% in the past week
JPMorgan Joins Growing List Of UK Banks Planning To Relocate Staff
Many financial institutions are finding it necessary to relocate out of the UK in order to maintain access to the European Market
Proposed Florida Law Targets Bitcoin Criminals
A proposed law would add bitcoins and other virtual currencies to the state’s money-laundering statute, the Miami Herald reports.
LeoVegas Gains 13.75% In Last 90 Days, Q3 2016 Earnings Impress
LeoVegas stock is up 13.75% in the past three months after the company's Q3 2016 report outperformed. Expansion into Denmark and a new partnership are expected to propel the company's growth in 2017.
Prince’s Estate Worth $200 Million, Court Filings Say
The iconic music legend Prince left behind an estate worth about $200 million, according to recent court filings. An AP report says the filings were the first to show a specific estimate of the musician’s estate value since his death.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recalled For Product Defects: Who Could Be Liable?
The fact that Samsung self-tested the batteries used in the Galaxy Note 7 – an uncommon practice – has raised serious questions about the company’s potential liability.
Forex Trading For Free: Learn The Basics Risk-Free
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