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Cory Fleck has been involved in the financial community for over 10 years. He received his Business Administration degree (with a concentration in finance, accounting, and marketing) from St. Andrews University in North Carolina while on a golf and tennis scholarship. After graduating Cory moved ... more


John Rubino: Bank Of Japan Trying A Different Strategy, Energy’s Pullback And Cryptos Threatening To Breakdown
A discussion about the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy which is very different from the other central banks as well as the pullback in energy and cryptos.
More Thoughts On The Fed Cut And More Importantly The Market Moves
With US markets down, yields continuing to fall, and the precious metals moving strongly higher it’s a good day for PM investors.
A Comprehensive Market Wrap – US Markets, The VIX, Gold, And Bonds
Selling or buying did not pick up during the day. Most markets that we watch started the day either way up or way down and stayed in a relatively tight range throughout the day.
Here Are Some Bullish Targets For GDX, Gold And Silver
Rick Ackerman shares his new targets and outlook for GDX, gold and silver.
A Focus On The Pop In Precious Metals And More Importantly The Stocks
It’s a very encouraging day for PM investors while the rest of this week will need to confirm this move.
Recapping Powell’s Comments In Front Of The House
Chris Temple joins me to wrap up today and recap the comments made by the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell in front of the House Financial Services Committee.


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Bitcoin Regulation And Forks Upcoming
4 years ago

Hey Gerard, thanks for your comment. I will note this and send it over to Jimmy for the next time we chat.

I think you are right that people want a different way to transact and governments do not like it. I have no idea how this is going to play out but I think we are going to see countries try a few different tactics to control it...

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