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Bitcoin $64,000? - One Market Guru's Thesis
One financial guru is calling for up to a 40% correction in the US stock market and a thesis that money will flow from stock markets to cryptocurrencies as a result, pushing the price of Bitcoin to new highs thee times higher than the previous high.
Litecoin Is Different. Here Are 8 Reasons Why
Is Litecoin different than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Yes, and here are eight reasons why...
The Latest In Crypto - Sunday, Nov. 18
Bitcoin lost substantial value this week. The cryptocurrency price fell through its prior lower level of resistance, near US $6,200, and appears to have settled in at a level near $5,500.
The Latest In Crypto - Sunday, October 28
Sony has formally announced their plans to develop a wireless crypto wallet. Sony Corp is letting the world know how serious they are about being leaders in the sale of commercial products that will be utilizing blockchain technology.
The Latest In Crypto
International Business Machines (IBM) has scheduled a demonstration of their own version of a blockchain based, global transfer, rapid payment platform. And more of the latest in Crypto...
ZClassic (ZLC) Trading Back At $200 Next Month?
CoinOpinions has issued a Buy opinion on ZCL as the technical and community rating is 95% better then all coins tracked.
SEC Rejects Cryptocurrency ETF Application
The SEC announced July 26th that they were not convinced that the market would have adequate surveillance and cited that they believe that the underlying market Bitcoin could not be proven to be resistant to manipulation.
IBM Is Testing Crypto Dollar, Stronghold USD
Cryptocurrency Stellar is given a Strong Buy rating on trading at $0.28, and off the recent news that IBM is testing Stronghold USD, a beta crypto dollar cryptocurrency.
ARK Trends Higher, Is A 50% Retracement Possible?
ARK is an innovative project based in France, which aims to unify many different, previously incompatible blockchain networks, by creating an ecosystem of linked chains and easy-to-use tools to allow anyone to deploy their own blockchains.
Bitshares Meeting New Milestones
We issued a Buy rating on decentralized exchange Bitshares. Its value has almost doubled in the last 4 weeks while most other cryptocurrencies have been trending lower for the year.
QTUM Upgrades Blockchain And Investors Respond Positively
The value of QTUM has recently been finding support around USD $8 - $9, after losing close to 70% of its value since December and January 2018 highs. We will continue to see how investors react to the developments that Qtum has released so far.
Has Ripple (XRP) Fizzled???
CoinOpinions has a Hold rating on the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP-X), while trading at the current price of $0.65 USD.
1 to 12 of 12 Posts