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Brian McAboy is a trader, trading coach, and business consultant. He is also a retired Mechanical Engineer and Quality Engineer. He currently resides in Colorado with his two sons. Having been a business and personal growth enthusiast for over 2 decades, Brian specializes in helping traders and ...more


Are You Making This Very Costly Trading Mistake Without Realizing It?
Here is one of the top psychological mistakes traders make - unknowingly.
The One True Separating Factor Between Winners And Losers In Trading
Anyone can hit a winner once in a while or even have the occasional lucky streak, but when you know how to make money on a consistent basis, regardless of the market’s mood or behavior, that’s when you’ve made it as a trader.
A Lesson In Profitability From Another Industry That Works In Trading
One of the coolest things about having worked in the Quality Assurance industry was seeing how focusing on consistency and the process of what you’re doing can actually be the fastest path to being highly profitable.
How A Good Idea For A Trading System Can Totally Wreck Your Account
Today’s topic is about an often fatal mistake made by nearly all traders.


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