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Virus V. Earnings – How The Week Sets Up
A very distinct risk-off mood to the start of the week as investors woke up to grim news that COVID cases were rising to record highs in Europe and the US with France’s caseload expected to hit 100,000 infections per day sometime this week.
Risk Bid As Stimulus Talks Approach Deadline
It’s been a very quiet night of trade in the markets with FX essentially marking time but equities remained bid with Nasdaq futures up by more than 50 basis points as investors still anticipated some positive news on stimulus talks in Washington DC.
Risk On Starts The Week
Equities were higher by nearly 1% and Cable pushed towards the 1.3000 mark as investor sentiment turned positive on the possibility of a stimulus deal in DC and renewed movement on Brexit negotiations.
Can The US Consumer Power The Recovery?
It’s been a quiet night of trade on the last day of the workweek with equity futures basically flat and FX pairs stuck in 20 pip ranges.
Aussie Double Whammy – Rate Cuts And Risk Off. 6500 In View?
Markets were under pressure in Asian and European trade today with Nasdaq futures down more than 2% at one point as investors sentiment soured after it became clear that no US stimulus would be coming before the election next month.
Is The Market Too Complacent On Cable?
Equities continued their steady climb higher in Asian and early European trade with both Nasdaq and S&P higher by about 50 basis points but currencies were essentially flat in listless quiet trading.


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