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Why Socialism Can't Avoid Failure

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 5:03 PM EDT

Socialism is a failure system. Included in this broad category are hardcore Communism and Socialism, and soft core Progressivism.

The problem with Socialism runs far deeper than Margaret Thatcher's famous observation that it finally "runs out of other people's money." And, I think it's vital, that whatever our involvement in the markets is, we recognize the spiritual basis of all wealth and prosperity.

The "fatal flaw" of Socialism -- and I hope you don't stop reading because you think I'm veering off into a religious diatribe -- is that it is anti-spiritual. 

Please bear in mind that religion is not synonymous with spirituality. Religion deals with man-made systems; spirituality with universal, self-existant First Causes... Principle, Ideas, Truth.

Remember the term used so often during the Cold War--"Godless Communism." That isn't true. Socialism isn't godless. Socialism aims at replacing God (and I will expand on my God-concept in a moment)by crowning itself--the State--with god-like status and powers. 

Socialism is a jealous god, wanting no other gods before it.  Socialism

demands all from its worshippers(citizens), and leads them to believe that it will provide for their total welfare and well being. So, it would be inaccurate to claim that Socialism is godless.

When I say, "God," I mean the Creative Mind Principle that drives visible and invisible Being... not an individual anthropomorphic being ruling Earth from a throne "up" somewhere in the sky.

Creative Principle enters into everything...and everyone--even its deniers. We experience It in operation as Life, Love, Wisdom, Power, and Substance--Ideas that can be productively employed by anyone, but subject to no one.

Creative Principle governs all minds and all systems devised by mind, including economics. The primary and ceaseless activity of this Law is inescapable Cause and Effect, which operates as cyclic Receiving and Giving and Receiving. This Law is as sure as Inhaling and Exhaling or Newton's Law of Action and Reaction.

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