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Staying Alive Through A Housefire

Date: Friday, May 12, 2017 9:39 AM EDT

Almost 31 percent of US fires are residential, and almost 50 percent of residential fires are kitchen/cooking related.But kitchen/cooking fires only account for about 9 percent of fire fatalities.Carelessness, at 15 percent, is the next biggest cause of fires resulting in fatalities, followed by smoking and electrical malfunction at 12 and 11 percent respectively.Cooking-related housefires usually occur during the day when most occupants are awake, but that leaves 50 percent of fires getting started at other times of the day...times when occupants are less aware.

Three years ago 3275 Americans died in fires, and the dollar losses from those 1,298,000 fires amounted to $11.8 Billion.That's according to the US Fire Administration.Dollar loss is surely the lesser loss, compared to loss of life's treasures...and loss of life itself.

Last night one of our television stations in Memphis, TN ran a segment illustrating what firefighters believe is the single most important factor  in surviving a night-time housefire.

Keep your bedroom door closed while you sleep!

A fire that begins in some other part of the house sends dense and toxic(deadly) smoke rising and filling the house from the ceiling downward.

By the time the smoke sinks to the bed, four-fifths of the room is smoke filled, and sleepers may die of smoke inhalation before becoming conscious enough to attempt escape.But, If they wake in a panic and stand up, their head is thrust up into smoke that is even more dense and deadly.

A closed bedroom door will prevent smoke from entering the room, and will provide an extra two or three minutes for occupants to wake and make some rational decisions about escape.

Survival may mostly depend on a close bedroom door, but I want to share a number of other factors that are almost as vital.

Factor 2.The film clip illustrating survival instructions showed firemen crawling through a burning house.That's because the most breathable air in a burning house will be closest to the floor.The panicked impulse is to run though a burning house, but the smart thing is to crawl.

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