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Trump Triumphant

Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 9:54 AM EDT

Just as Trump overcame all the odds in the primaries, he also overcame the odds of winning the Presidency, which must say something about the will of the people to cut the strings of fascism linking the political power in the Capitol to the moneybags in New York City, and to set America free from spirit-draining economic servitude.

Hillary, representing the Status Quo--and more of it--chose to resist the sweeping changes in the global psyche...changes that have swept through Britain as Brexit, and are surely coming the heartland of Europe, where Trump's victory will encourage those who call for an end to all-consuming globalism designed to administer and control all governments and populations. Standing one's ground is admirable when the stand is for Principle, but it--as in Hillary's candidacy--appears regressive when it opposes ideas whose time has come.

We must, I think, face the fact that the world has caught on to the fact that Big is not necessarily better...and that it isn't always in the interest of the "little" ordinary people used by a few puppeteers in high places.

But, Trump's victory is hollow unless he can be a different kind of "point man" in the White House. And, he may face an uphill battle until he can show the world that he has a better system than the one that had grown rich, powerful, and arrogantly entitled over the last generation.

Trump has enjoyed riches and power...and is no stranger to arrogance. His test will be to contour his sharp edges while continuing to be the cutting-edge of a newly-inspirited politic. If he can convert his prodigious energies from self-glorification into a force that makes Americans feel glorious, he will go down as a miracle-worker President.

Goliath stood in Trump's way. Entrenched Bigness. Big banking, Big financeers, Big corporations, Big government, Big Media, and Big plans for the web of Big treaties to further cement the marriage of Big government to Big Business. The TTP--Trans-Pacific Partnership--in all its secrecy was expected to provide fascism with the crown of authoritarism, and to seal the legacy of Obama. So, it will be interesting to see how that treaty is treated after Trump is sworn in as President. The failure of the TTP would be another mortal Brexit for globalism, and a palpable breath of freedom for insignificant mortals.

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