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Consideration--A Cheap Social Lubricant

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019 6:34 PM EDT

When lubricated with consideration, the gears of interpersonal relationships as well as the wheels of society--and of commerce--mesh ever so much more smoothly and productively.

No matter how many traffic lanes are built into Interstate highways and freeways, and no matter how many speedy automobiles are put on them, some drivers still can't get to their destination fast enough.Drivers seem to take on NASCAR personalities, especially during rush hours.Ordinary Caspar Milquetoasts become daredevils.Competitive spirits are un-leashed."Road rage," barren of consideration, too often becomes destructive and even murderous road violence.

A celebrity, in competition with a commoner for a parking space, punches him out.Mind you, they both have to find a place to park while they get out of their cars to engage in fisticuffs.

Two grandmothers, clawing for a single garment at a "Huge Sale," show enough muscle in a Tug-o-War over a prized garment to rip it in half.

Walmart's shoppers seem in competition for the parking spaces closest to the entrances, and it's easy for the Ego to get caught up in that competition. But, when another driver and I are headed toward the same parking space, I'm trying to remember to be the magnanimous one.  "Surely," I tell my Ego, "a few more steps across the parking lot wont turn me into a loser."And Logic says, "Exercise is the reason you drive to the gym every other day."

Consideration, unhampered by today's push for gender equality, still opens doors for ladies, still offers the last remaining seat, and still says, "Ladies first."Hmmmm.Why ccouldn't consideration extend courtesy to all ages and sexes?

Remember the old fireplace bellows--a leather bag, which when squeezed, pushes a stream of air at the kindling flame?We might think of consideration as a kind of bellows, which when applied in the home, produces great family warmth, appreciation, and esteem.But

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