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Massive Bank Short Position Liquidation Foretells Major Upward Movement In Gold Prices
The take-down episodes in late June and on July 3rd were used to facilitate massive closure of short positions in gold. This foretells a huge rise in gold prices in the next few months.
JP Morgan Gobbles A Minimum Of Over 31 Tons (Possibly Up To 186 Tons!) Of Physical Gold!
First, Goldman Sachs, then HSBC, and now JP Morgan Chase & Co. All of them are buying an enormous quantities of gold bullion. Buy tons of gold?
The Price Movement In Gold Told Us Trump Would Win A Week Ahead Of Time - Now It Reveals The Future Again?
Careful observation of the movement of gold prices insured that those who paid attention knew Donald Trump would be President even when all the polls said he would lose, and now are telling us the future of gold and US dollar exchange rates.
Debunking The Myth That The P/E Ratio Can Predict Future Stock Price Movement
The Price/Earnings ratio has proven to have no usefulness in predicting stock price movement, up or down.
Why Gold Prices Are Headed Up Now
As momentum in the gold market turns bullish, many people wonder what has suddenly happened to change things? The simple answer is nothing. The price of gold is simply being set by political forces.
Chinese Gold Demand Booms As A Looming Dealer Default Could Cause An Even More Dramatic Increase In Gold Imports
There is a widespread problem with lack of accuracy and truthfulness in reporting about the gold market. If there is a widespread default by Chinese gold borrowers, that will put heavy upward pressure on prices.


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Language Trumps Money
3 years ago

"So why do the English-speaking countries have persistent CA deficits? I suspect it has something to do with the fact that English-speaking places are an attractive location for immigration and investment. Immigrants to Australia who take out a mortgage and buy a house are contributing to their current account deficit. Chinese buyers who invest in homes in LA or Vancouver tend to create deficits for the US and Canada." I'm not sure if you just didn't communicate the point you were trying to make very well, or if you don't know what you are talking about. Your reasoning makes no sense. If a rich Chinese wants to buy a house in Vancouver, he must convert Hong Kong dollars or Chinese yuan to Canadian dollars. Similarly, to buy Canadian stocks, the foreign investor must also convert his own currency to CA dollars. In both instances, the current account deficit for Canada DECREASES. It most certainly does not increase.

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In January 2016, the holders of only 172 COMEX futures contracts demanded physical gold. In comparison, by January 27, 2017, the holders of 1,254 COMEX futures contracts held them to maturity and demanded their gold! That is a whopping 729% increase yoy!
How could such huge British gold imports not be accounted for?
What Happened To Gold & The U.S. Dollar After Italy’s “No” Vote?
If natural market forces were permitted, naive folks would win. Insiders would lose and independent speculators would make a killing at the expense of casino operators (derivative-issuing bankers). Was anyone naive enough not to expect a major intervention by central planners to support the Euro?
Trump Seriously Considering A Strong Gold Standard Advocate For Treasury Secretary!
President-elect Donald J. Trump met with John Allison, former CEO of BB&T Bank and the libertarian Cato Institute. Mr. Allison has strongly advocated returning to the pre-1913 pure gold specie standard for many years and is now a top candidate for the position of US Treasury Secretary.
Understanding Elections, Gold & The US Dollar Via Market Manipulation
The information that you can get, simply by observing gold market manipulation, about everything going on around you, from the election to the future price of gold, is simply astounding!
India Delegitimizes Rupee, Lighting Fire Under Long-Term Gold Demand!
The Indian government has delegitimized the rupee and lit a fire under gold demand in this gold-loving country
Pulitzer Prize Winning Liberal Journalist Says Clinton Should Drop Presidential Bid!
A Pulitzer prize winning journalist, well known as a liberal, wrote an opinion piece, today, wherein he suggests that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President and should withdraw from the race.
Scientific Study Proves High Likelihood Of Widespread Voter Fraud In Next Presidential Election
A detailed scientific study, published by two highly regarded Professors of Political Science at Old Dominion University, proves that voter fraud is not only widespread but pervasive.

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