Without One Of These, You Will Fail

If you believe you’ll learn and be successful in trading — and you’re motivated by the payoff — you’re going to make an effort.

I see this confidence in my great students, those constantly improving their knowledge of patterns and the market. They develop a keen eye for spotting opportunities and there’s no better positive reinforcement than winning.

Let’s talk about the ‘naturals’ — those with innate talent. That raw talent may be impressive, but they gotta work for success, too.

I’ve seen people with the best of abilities fall short because they just won’t work for it or they can’t commit.

And I’ve seen people with average skills find success. Maybe they don’t have ‘superstar’ status. But they make a living, and that counts for plenty.

Here’s the good news for traders: You can help develop your trading skills by adopting a growth mindset.

No catch. You just need to believe in yourself, be willing to work hard, and surround yourself with the right people.

Benefits of Having a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset can make or break your success. Why?

Because to become a successful trader, you’ll have to do things not everyone will do.

You have to study hard, develop the right processes, and keep learning — from your own experiences and from others. Never hesitate to learn from the traders who’ve gone before you.

Trust me, I know these things aren’t always easy! I had to do it myself!

But you have to believe it’s possible. Then you have to put in the effort.

Your beliefs come first: Internalize that trading for a living is a real possibility for you.

After many years of trading and teaching, I realized that the reason most traders lose money in the market is because they lack the commitment to learn. And they don’t believe they can win.

A lot of these traders would rather gamble than dedicate themselves to learning the craft of trading. They chase after ‘hot’ stock tips, rather than work to become self-sufficient in trading.

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