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About 5 years ago we did a tour of Windsor, home of the Queen, to look at the restoration of a chapel which had burned. After wandering around I discovered a branch of TJMaxx on the main street near Eton College and decided to shop where the royals and the grands find bargains. The British store was called TKMaxx but it was otherwise similar to the one near where we live in New York. But they did not let me use my US credit card.

So imagine my horror when I received a bill Monday for a purchase of gold plated sneakers that had been bought by the pickpocket who nabbed by wallet last month—used at footlocker, the same Times Square shop as had turned down all the other credit cards he had collected from my wallet, billed to my TJMaxx account. Since I am an elderly woman and he is an under-30's man, and despite the fact that this was NOT a TJMaxx store, it is clear that their protection is inadequate within the US. I attempted to close my account but the Southern-accented woman I reached said this would entail their continuing to hold me responsible for his purchase. In fact, I never reported the loss of that card because I thought it could only be used at a TJMaxx branded store, after my Windsor experience.

Meanwhile, I am still having problems re-gaining access to my personal check account with HSBC, the worst of the lot among those who got the police report. It is also bleeding staff because of cutbacks.

That's the bad news. It also turns out that my medical appointment yesterday was canceled except they forgot to tell me, but at least I was able to collect the paperwork for a new social security card, still missing from my stuff.

image source: unsplash

Non-US Energy Stocks

*Now for some good news. I loaded up on Cosan, the Brazilian sugar, fuel, and logistics company being restructured, while I was trying to get my medical records yesterday and not at my desk. I paid $18.74/sh for CZZ. Today it is lower but not by much, at $18.47 bid, $18.51 ask.

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Vivian Lewis 2 months ago Author's comment

I naturally favor my own blogs. I am visiting the site mainly to try to stop getting long blogs from evangelical Christian nutters about how covid jabs remove your fertility and are sponsored by the devil and Bill Gates. I am perfectly respectful of other peoples' religions but not about this lot. And they are sending these nasties to my inbox. As a result I hope to figure out a way to file for talk markets without revealing my real mailbox. I also get notes claiming that I am running a brothel. Stuff like this only happens to a woman-headed business.

Andrew Armstrong 2 months ago Member's comment

You clearly don't know much about technology do you? There's no way anyone on this website could possibly know what your real email address is. And every website gets hacked all the time. I doubt it has anything to do with your being a woman. Most of them are hacked by bots and bots don't discriminate.