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We're also building innovative tools by which our contributors can interact with their followers, contacts, subscribers and each other.

So How Successful Is TM?
What we've done is started with a proven business model that works, but we are taking it to the next level with some unique points of differentiation, and doing it with a team that's done it before - our management team are seasoned executives from Seeking Alpha, Bloomberg, Reuters and Yahoo Finance.  And our success speaks for itself.  Since launching last year, TalkMarkets has grown to have over 1000 contributors, tens of thousands of registered users, and millions of pageviews.

Our contributors include some of the top minds of the financial industry, thought leaders and more. 

How Do I Earn Equity In TalkMarkets?
There are numerous ways for contributors to earn equity besides submitting content. Contributors also earn equity for helping us grow.  We've built a number of great tools to help you promote TalkMarkets that we can track and will issue you equity for every pageview you send our way - even on content written by others. For example, let's say you read an article you liked on TalkMarkets and want to share it on Facebook or Twitter. If you post the link, we'll know and automatically issue the equity.

You can also earn equity for referring readers and other contributors. In fact, for every contributor you refer to us, you will earn an additional 10% on all the equity they accrue. The program is completely transparent so contributors can see how much equity they will earn for which activities, and how much equity they've earned in real time.

Does TalkMarkets Require Exclusivity?
We do not require exclusivity, though we do allocate a substantial equity premium for exclusive articles. Additionally, our exclusives are also promoted on our homepage and on several third-party sites such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Reuters, Investopedia, Benzinga, Investing.com, Seeking Alpha, CNBC, CNN and others.  

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Anne Davis 9 months ago Member's comment


Linda Willis 1 year ago Member's comment

Boaz Berkowitz, this is a brilliant idea. Wishing you and TalkMarkets much success!

Terrence Howard 1 year ago Member's comment

Boaz Berkowitz, really impressed with all that you and the TalkMarkets Team have accomplished here.

Helen M. Dibble 2 years ago Member's comment

I really like your idea.

Leslie Miriam 2 years ago Member's comment

Love this idea.

Manshi Mamtora 2 years ago Member's comment

How can I start contributing to TalkMarkets? I have about 5 years experience in researching precious metals and about 6 months in cryptocurrencies. You can get in touch with me at manshi1988 gmail.com.

Chuiliang 3 years ago Member's comment

Good idea

Farah Kincaid 3 years ago Member's comment

Very cool and unique concept.

Anupama Shukla 3 years ago Member's comment

Hello, I currently write for Market Realist with a focus on the enterprise software and cybersecurity. How can I get started as a contributor?

Carol D. Richards 1 year ago Member's comment

Where can I read your work?

Michael Monk 1 year ago Member's comment

Did you ever become a contributor?

Boaz Berkowitz 3 years ago Contributor's comment

Hi Anupama, we'll be in touch!

Bill Johnson 1 year ago Member's comment

I'd be interested in being a contributor too... if I'm good enough.

Graziano Martini 4 years ago Contributor's comment

GOOD idea talkmarkets