Where Are Stocks Headed Next? Here’s Why It Doesn’t Really Matter

Where are stocks headed next?

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Mainstream financial news is always eager to tell you where stocks are headed next, but that “noise” leads to ill-timed and emotional trading decisions. Here are three simple steps to block out the noise and start developing your own winning trading system now.

“Where are stocks headed next?” This is a favorite topic of mainstream financial media outlets, each of which are eager to share their insight with you. But the problem is they always contradict each other -– and even themselves.

In September and October of this year, we saw many headlines warning about an “imminent stock market crash” that was supposedly “just around the corner.” The main stock market indexes responded by rallying to fresh all-time highs the following month. Blindly following the “warnings” would have caused you to miss that entire, explosive rally.

Not surprisingly, those same financial news platforms quickly changed their tune after stocks made those bullish moves to new highs. After November, those apocalyptic warnings turned to headlines such as “Is a massive new bull market on the horizon?”

Financial media can help you gauge overall market sentiment, but you should never let it blindly influence your trading decisions or cause you to freeze. If you do, you will surely be faced with constant uncertainty and a never-ending emotional roller coaster every time you make a trade. 

3 Actionable Steps To Block Out The “Noise” On Your Path To Trading Success

Rather than being influenced by all the noise and trying to predict the market’s next move, ask yourself this question: “How can I profit from stock trading regardless of what the market does next?” The answer starts with the basics of simply planning your trades and trading your plan.

If you’re a new trader, we’ve got three easy, actionable steps to help you start scoring consistent gains – regardless of the market’s next move. If you’re an experienced trader, now is a great time to refresh your mind on three key basics as we approach 2021.

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