When It Makes Sense To Take Social Security Early

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I’ve often covered how beneficial it can be to delay receiving Social Security benefits as long as you can. An example of this discussion is in the article

– it makes good financial sense to delay receiving your benefit to age 70 in many cases, but of course not all.

The reason delayed filing can be such a great benefit is that this government-backed income stream is pretty much as good as you can get, in terms of longevity insurance. When you start receiving the benefit, you’ll continue to receive it through your entire life. When you start receiving your benefit impacts the amount that you will receive for your life. Plus, depending upon the amount of your spouse’s benefit, it will impact the amount that your spouse would receive as a Survivor’s Benefit as well.

But there are times when it may make more sense to begin receiving your benefit earlier…

Starting Early

Circumstances require it. If you’re in ill health, have a shortened life expectancy, or have very limited other resources, it may be necessary to start taking your Social Security benefit early. The financial calculations that we do that explain how delaying receipt of benefits is the better choice, always assume that the recipient will live to at least age 80 or beyond and can get along using other resources until filing at age 70. If one or the other (or both) of these circumstances is not the case for you, it likely makes more sense to begin taking your benefit earlier.

Spouse with a relatively small benefit. If the spouse with the lower wage base has earned a relatively small benefit and intends to switch over to a Spousal Benefit as soon as it makes financial sense, it might make more sense to start taking the smaller benefit early, even though it is reduced. In this case the financial impact of starting to take the benefit early doesn’t amount to a significant reduction in real dollars, so taking the benefit for several years is just extra “gravy on your french fries”, in a manner of speaking.

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