What Will Your 2021 Be ‘About?’

My veil of ignorance lifted. The light of truth entered my thoughts. It encouraged me to dig deeper into my personal “about.” The disaster shook my world. 

I dug into the ‘about’ of lots of things, including the financial services business. Most of what I found, I didn’t like. Frankly, still, I’m not too fond of it. Subsequently,  I was motivated to change my future and help form a financial firm that cuts through the bullsh*t with, thankfully, partners today who feel the same. 

Daily, I help others with decisions, correct the incorrect brokers expound (they’re called brokers for a reason; they break stuff). On the day after Christmas, I assisted a radio listener to unwind the junk his broker told him about Social Security, ran an analysis one hour later, and changed his mind.

Who Helps Me On My Journey? Who Helps You?

Make your “about” somewhat about them in 2021.

Let them know how much you appreciate their guidance. 

For me, it’s a cadre of writers, associates, academics; our employees who do everything they can to help RIA fulfill its mission. Philosophers, the stoics (more about them on my 2021 recommended reading list coming soon), academics help me think outside the financial box. 

Then, there’s a woman at a local donut shop who works the morning shift to raise four kids. She smiles and makes me laugh. I slip her a twenty. She thanks me. She smells like baked goods and sausage. She’s a professor of fortitude. 

Always thank your teachers. Gush a little in their presence. Be genuine. They’ll know if you’re not. 


The ‘About’ Of Candid Coffee.

Our Saturday Candid Coffee genesis was to create something all ‘about’ you and the health of your financial union. A series of ‘across the kitchen table’ sessions where real money ideas ignite and explored. A home-based intelligence center that mainstream financial media or the industry wouldn’t dare to enter or know what to do if you allowed them in, anyway.

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