What Will Your 2021 Be ‘About?’

Stocks always rebounded from significant losses and created massive wealth for participants, allegedly. Spokespeople for my former employer lamented in 2007 that a financial meltdown was a statistical impossibility, and I should ignore the signs of imminent carnage in fixed income markets.

I finally realized that market wealth for many investors doesn’t recover quickly (if at all) from significant contractions. The precious time it takes for investments to break even is worth something to households but nothing to brokerage firms. The ultimate winners are these financial organizations. In their boardrooms, clients are not flesh and blood. People, households are categorized as revenue winners or losers, reduced to numbers in financial statements. 

I sought to be a source of information, the reference point of a clear perspective. I wanted badly to offer clarity to media outlets, clients, and yes, even to mentors who shall remain smarter, more perceptive, and bigger-than-life (in my eyes anyway). 

Speaking of mentors.


Mentors Should Be Smart.

Heck, they should be better, sharper. It should be all ‘about’ them.

Perhaps 2021 is ‘about’ learning from people smarter than us. And there are a lot of intuitive humans around if you open your eyes to them.  Frankly, we can seek to learn from anyone if we’re open-minded enough.

My definition of “smart” is sparked by communication that flushes my skin and makes me feel like there’s the wind in my face even if standing in west Texas. In August. At noon. Not a breeze to be found. Also, mentors come in various sizes, colors, ages. 

Some don’t even need to be human.

My Personal ‘About’ Was Late To The Game.

I guess what I’m saying is the “about” in my life came along pretty late, and I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake. During the 2008 financial crisis, I woke up. The lovely house of cards we call ‘the system’ was ‘about’ to fold in on itself and take most of us with it. 

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