What Will Your 2021 Be ‘About?’

Ponder in 2021. What will your New Year be about?

I had a friend in elementary school who would answer every question with a question. He was the eternal QWAQ (question with a question) enigma. Only recently, I realized what a genius he was.

Hey, Tommy, how are you feeling today?


It made me crazy. About. About? Is that an answer? 

Then I thought of the word within the context of 2020 to anchor myself for 2021. Perhaps some readers will appreciate the perspective. Stay with me.

What’s Your Life About?

Will you reassess priorities for 2021?

What are all your experiences, heartaches, memories, and trials worth to you? To others? Are you up to the journey for 2021? What are your plans to forge ahead?

The “about” is a continuous change. A journey. Because the “about of life” is a moving target depending on where you are currently. It’s a culmination of experiences – past and present that inspire motivation and, ultimately, actions. Also, the “about” in all of us can expand and contract regardless of age. 


How Does ‘About’ Rise To A Life’s Surface?

All it takes is a spark or event that flips a switch in your head. Sometimes you don’t realize it until compelled to act, regardless of personal consequences. For me, it was the financial crisis and the aftermath. I realized my life was “about” the clients I served above all else, including my health.

Decades ago, I formed a mission to help people make positive money decisions and changes that would improve long-term fiscal health. I sought to help others cut through the hype, the dogma (and there are piles of dogma in financial services). Subsequently, I realized that money was much more than swapping out a portfolio’s investment A for investment B.

I Believed A Lie.

Unfortunately, I bought into the bull-market hype early in my career. In 2006, I dug deeper into market history, study people – their motivations and emotions on the highs and lows of money. As a result, I began to understand how imperfect everything was. Is. Even seeking to be perfect is an imperfection, a flaw. Yet, for some odd reason, young brokers were taught how the market was eternally, perfectly a rising bull.

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