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Surge Holdings Stock (SURG)

Surge Holdings (SURG) is up 35% since I wrote about it two months ago. Is there more room to run? The short answer is yes, both short-term and long-term. I want to cover some exciting new developments that will increase shareholder value. As I examine Surge more closely, I still feel that the market largely missing the huge play here. What is the market missing?

Surge Holdings is currently establishing themselves as a national supply and distribution channel for corner markets. They are rolling out across the country as we speak and should be in 40,000 locations by the end of 2019. And that’s just the start. Once established, they will exercise vast influence and control over this national network of corner stores. That’s the big play.

What might investors be focusing on instead? Perhaps people are eagerly anticipating how the market will receive the various Surge-branded products and services. So am I. Will people embrace a free monthly cellular plan that is subsidized through ads? Will the unbanked get the point of the pre-paid debit card and use it like a checking account? It is exciting to contemplate because if the market even modestly embraces these products, the market cap of Surge could be at $3 billion dollars over the next few years. The potential is staggering.

But that isn’t the big play here. Most are likely glossing over that Surge is quietly establishing an Amazon-like network for a virtually untapped market. But before dig into this, if you haven’t already read my initial report on Surge Holdings, please take the time to pour over it in detail. This current article will be focused on updates and the missed opportunity and not a rehash of my first analysis.

The key points that you should remember from the past article are as follows:

  • The SurgePays Portal platform is set to become a nation-wide supply / distribution channel for corner markets and convenience stores across the USA
  • Surge Holdings also has a few products and services of their own to sell into that channel
  • Surge products and services are focused on the underbanked and the credit challenged
  • Some of these offerings include a low-cost smart-phone, free and paid monthly cellular plans and a pre-paid Visa debit card that acts as an alternative checking account

What Investors Are Missing

It is easy to miss the big opportunity with Surge Holdings if you give it a cursory look. Surge is a holding company of various subsidiaries which operate together like cogs in a machine. You need to take a step back to understand how the parts work together as a whole.

Let me paint a picture by telling you a quick story.

It starts with just 1 out of the estimated 14 million foreign workers in the USA who have trouble accessing the same banking and credit-related services that you and I take for granted. This worker makes $2,000 per month. He frequently shops at the corner market near his apartment. While shopping for groceries, he notices a smart-phone for $79 which comes with a free monthly cellular plan. The free plan is ad-sponsored and provides 1GB of data, 10 hours of talk and unlimited texting. This saves him $20 - $30 per month.

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Barry Hochhauser 10 months ago Member's comment

Any updates on $SURG?

Kurtis Hemmerling 10 months ago Author's comment

I think the market is starting to discover it. Prices are double since I posted my first article in Feb here on Talk Markets. They are rolling out to 40,000 stores. Waiting for the Visa debit card to be available any day now. I believe there is a small opportunity still left for anyone looking for a private placement. You can contact me at kurtishemmerling gmail.com for additional details I have on that and email addresses to the company.