Why Worry Wednesday – Greece Is “Fixed”

Wow, what a rally!

We expected a move back up but this is amazing.  Yesterday the markets took off as the latest Brexit poll showed the "remain" vote gaining ground as the non-stop doom and gloom propaganda from the EU Banksters has cowered the British public into submission.  Goldman Sach's (GS) BOE puppet, Mark Carney has been scaring the crap out of citizens with his recent speeches on the "dangers" of leaving the EU and FINALLY someone is questioning his loyalties:

"We know that Goldman Sachs has been a donor to the Remain campaign, you are a former managing director of Goldman Sachs.  Can I just give you the opportunity to refute any suggestion that Goldman Sachs may have put pressure on you to take a view?"

Farage holding a Brexit sign

Coincidentally (well, not really if you pay attention to the way the World works) it was also Goldman Sachs who cooked Greece's books, which led to the crisis they are in today.  Brexit proponents have taken to summarizing the Goldman/Government tactics as "Project Fear" as they keep ramping up the doom and gloom predictions – much the same way Goldman Sachs used to keep ramping up their peak oil predictions to drive investors into that market when it was long past it's peak.  Manipulating votes is a piece of cake when you have practiced manipulating the markets for so long.  

Meanwhile, the vote is June 23rd, that's a whole month away and a lot can happen between now and then.  Germany's blitz worked against the UK in WWII for a while, but then British resolve allowed them to push back and take control.  What the Brexit crew need is their own Churchill, someone who can make a clear case for leaving without, like Farage, coming off like a racist.  It's really not about race – the EU is a sinking ship and the UK has the ability to get on the first lifeboat and save themselves but the Banksters want them to stay and help keep the ship afloat long enough for the Banksters to make sure they get on the lifeboats first. 

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