E Tuesday Talk: Inflation And Impatience

Corn prices might be up, but it has more to do with the weather than Federal stimulus checks. Still, Snyder in his way is telling us not to be complacent and that the effects of cyberattacks on pipelines, disruptions in the supply chain, and cryptocurrency speculation affect all of us.

Don Kaufman in a video piece entitled Nasdaq Selling Strikes Fear Into The Heart Of Dip Buyers looks at Monday's market activity and tries to plot the rest of the trading week. There are three takeaways, one the Nasdaq (QQQ) is going through a rough patch (strong selling in an utterly weak market), two the financial sector in the S&P is what has been keeping the market up (a trend that may or may not continue) and three, this is not the time to buy the dip!

Caveat Emptor readers.

Have a good week, albeit a possibly rough one.


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William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

Inflation is that thing that drives down the purchasing power of my money. Plain and simple, and does not take a Masters degree to understand that. Inflation is caused by the government (the Federal Reserve Bank) putting too much money into circulation, usually in the wrong hands.

And I understand that inflation benefits those seeking to get rich in the stock market, and that is evidently as far as those in the fed care to look. The fact is that there exists a lot more in the world than wall street, and that most people are not involved in the financial industry. Most people are far closer to the real world, Unfortunately the damage is the result of a long string of very deliberate actions by those individuals running the Federal Reserve bank. So when all the bubbles burst and the times get really rough we will know the names of those responsible. And perhaps things can be changed so that it will not happen again. Certainly this is a radical prediction, and I wish that it would be wrong. But I don't think so.