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Forget the Cinco de Maio. You have to have your tequila with salt alone because the lime harvest has failed. And guacamole is way too expensive to gobble what with the avocado crop also down. Moreover today the Bolsa Mexicano de Valores is spoiling the fun by launching its derivatives market. Luckily it is also the May Bank Holiday in Britain, Israeli Memorial and Independence Day, and a holiday in Japan. So today's blog is blissfully short and we can all go out and enjoy the sunny day. Viva la primavera!

Today's lead article is about our investment in the Internet of Things. And in a day devoted to the investment prowess of Warren Buffett I write also about the cleverness of a non-Omaha-based investment guru, George Soros. I write (again) on the logic of investing in Eastern Europe despite the Ukraine crisis. We have news about Mexico, Israel (despite being officially on holiday), Finland, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Ethiopia China, Brazil, Singapore, and Omaha (Neb.)

*The Motley Fool out of Singapore today floated the idea that Warren Buffett would buy out Global Logistics Properties, GBTZF. It is a biggie in deal-making in factories, warehouses, and transport in China, Japan, and Brazil, and operates real estate funds aimed at investors in these countries and Canadian and Singaporean pension plans. Its Executive Director, Jeffrey H. Schwartz, is an American like Buffett. NB: This share will be covered for us by Harry Geisel who has rejoined the team after retiring a 2nd time from the US State Dept. He is an American too, with a nice skepticism re: Motley.

 *The Internet of Things, a current hot slogan, refers to links and connectivity untouched by human hands across geographic distances to manage inputs during production or distribution of goods, food, or services; and also making the home-owners' security and utilities more automatic. It is a slogan. But now it applies to our Nokia!

NOK today launched a $100 mn connected car fund to research and invest in firms engaged with smart vehicles where it expects growth to flourish with its help. Thanks to its mapping service, Here, this is now one of the 3 areas Nokia is building out with the money it got from Microsoft for its handset business.

Automakers are developing intelligent dashboard navigation systems which tell drivers where traffic is blocked and summon help in an emergency, as well as helping them find their way. Nokia already provides mapping data to Amazon.com, Microsoft, Yahoo! and some car-makers like BMW. Rival players include Intel, Apple Carplay iPhone, Tesla and Google Maps. The (terrifying) ultimate goal is to enhance the driving experience and save time and fuel with self-driving vehicles. Before that I expect the driver will hear a warning if he is too close to another vehicle.

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