The FOMC’s Garbage Grinder

C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Financial Data Excel\Bear Market Race\Long Term Market Trends\Wk 687\Chart #9   Gold BEV 2008-20.gif

Next is gold’s step sum chart.  Gold and its step sum have been correcting since early August.  They could break down to new lows for this correction, and then maybe are now ready to resume their advance into market history.  Personally, I’m on the side expecting some historical market action in gold and silver in the first quarter of 2021.

C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Financial Data Excel\Bear Market Race\Long Term Market Trends\Wk 687\Chart #10   Gold & SS 2011-20.gif

The Dow Jones and its step sum are looking good.  Should it advance above 31,000 I’ll have to remove that curve for a double top, because it won’t be a double top anymore.  No hurry on my part as I know that the winds on Wall Street can shift from fair to foul is an amazingly short period of time.

C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Financial Data Excel\Bear Market Race\Long Term Market Trends\Wk 687\Chart #11   DJ Step Sum 2017_20.gif

I see in its step sum table below gold is seeing its 15 count going positive.  This indicates that gold may be entering a period of more advancing days than decliners.  Should the price of gold benefit from this positive swing in its 15 count, it just may be making new all-time highs sometime in January.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

On the Dow Jones’ side of the table, its 15 count has been positive since November 13th, and the Dow Jones has benefitted from seeing more daily advances than declines.  I’ve highlighted its four new post March 23rd BEV Zeros (new all-time highs) in blue & white.

Finally a link to Eric King’s, King World News with a twenty minute interview of Alasdair Macleod.  Alasdair expects some bad things coming in 2021.  How bad?  Real bad, but 2021 should be good for investors in gold, silver and their miners.  

It’s an ill-wind that blows no good, but for most people making money in the precious metals in the years to come, it isn’t going as enjoyable as in past booms.  A lot of people are going to be hurt bad, and that isn’t a source of happiness for me no matter how well I do.

The problem is politicians around the world, as well as those states in the union controlled by Democrats, have shut down their economies due to the CCP Virus.  Don’t even get me started with the CCP Virus idiocy! 

“Count on government stupidity. It has created more massive economic & social problems than any other man-made entity in the history of the world. Understand this, you gain. Misunderstand this, you lose.”

- Paul Mladjenovic

Here’s a new economic law I just came up with.  Okay I came up with it after listening to the excellent KWN interview below.  If you insist: yes I ripped this off from Mr. Macleod’s comments in the KWN interview.  In a world where the dead from the CCP Virus pandemic are piling, yes CORPSES PILING HIGH on the sidewalks of New York, LA and everywhere else faster than society can bury them; why should my readers care where I steal my material from?

Bad things happen when political morons shut down the means-of-production in a global economic system that is as heavily weighed down by debt as is ours.

- Lundeen’s Law

* Counterparty failure as far as the eyes can see! *

As this is my last article for 2020, I best wish a Happy Hanukkah and or Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers.  May the Good Lord grant all of us and our families a happy and prosperous 2021.  I don’t know if the Lord is going to listen, but it’s good if I, and my readers ask for it anyways.

When I was a kid I always looked forward to a Charlie Brown Christmas on CBS.  The dancing was the best.

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