E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Of Brexit And Brandade

Contributor Manisha Chatterjee, looking towards a 2021 recovery in 4 Top Entertainment Stocks To Watch For 2021 suggests four established communication and entertainment stocks that should be set to rebound solidly in the new year.

"Going into 2021, it is wise to consider established entertainment companies such as Walt Disney Company (DIS), Netflix, Inc. (NFLX), Comcast Corporation (CMCSA), and Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR) that have displayed business resiliency amid these trying times and are getting ready to maintain their momentum in a post-pandemic economy."

Chatterjee includes current reviews of each of these picks.

Eaten in winter Brandade is an emulsion of salt cod, olive oil, and potatoes. In France it is called brandade de morue and in Spain it is called brandada de bacalao. In Britain cod is often used to prepare fish and chips. Here's to the U.K. and the EU settling on fishing rights and all the rest by Christmas. 

I'll leave you to try your luck at the recipe links included above.

Have a good week.


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William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

Very interesting and also quite educational. And the rich get richer because those setting the rules want to "take care of their friends." Certainly those in government know how to help themselves. AND by the way, that is NOT doing meany favors. The fact, verified by history, is that people will put up with a great deal of misery, if it is heaped on slowly. Then all at once, just a small bit more, and the revolution ignites, or even explodes. Where that level of misery that leads to revolution can only be guessed at, and what will trigger the explosion may be a very small spark that did nothing a hundred times before. Thus the government and the 1% really need to remove some of the misery occasionally.