Stock Exchange: Long-term (Energy) And Short-term (Finance And Software)

J: As you can see, the stock is richly valued. You are picking up the recent momentum.

O: True. I hope it continues for a bit longer. Then I will be on to the next trade!

J: Are you following the Trump effect?

O: You are not going to fool me again! I know that the “Trump trade” is not about baseball! I am now checking out the front page after reading the scores, the racing form, and the stock page.

J: That is an improvement. What do you have to offer to our readers?

H: Here is my list of favored sectors – buy/hold/sell. Keep the questions coming!


(Commentary translated from various pecks, rapid movements and beeps).

RR: I have no new ideas and few positions.

J: What? I just upgraded your diet. Do you want to go back to birdseed?

RR: You already discussed this with Vince (the Father of all our models).

J: I love your method. Find a stock in an uptrend which also has a clear trading range. Then buy when it is at the bottom of the range.

RR: I have a good method, but sometimes the market does not cooperate.

V: Yes. RR is usually fully invested, but the entry requirements are stringent. We never reach for new positions. That is why we keep risk low.

J: OK. Does that imply some overall market risk?

V: No. It just means a shortage of stocks that fit the three specific requirements.

J: That makes sense. And thanks for joining in, Vince. We’ll keep RR on the lizard diet.

RR: Thanks, Vince!


Once again, I do not have a new pick. My choices are long-term, and that perspective has not changed.

J: Again? Readers want new ideas.

F: Is there anything I can do to earn a few extra bucks?

J: What about reader questions?

F: I always appreciate reader questions. I check them all.

J: Are you responding to every request?

F: I am making a list of top choices from the “reader universe.”

J: What if a reader request is not on the list?

F: Then I do not see it as an attractive long-term choice. I respond to email with more specific questions.

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The Stock Exchange does not have all the answers, but it provides good ideas and a stimulus for your own trading.

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