Probabilities For Profit - A Performance Forward Look At Three Of My Twelve U. S. Sectors

Table III - It's YOUR CHOICE - My Table of the Probabilities or Odds

The following Table should tell you a very compelling story, I hope so. Unfortunately, this table also takes time to understand. I hope YOU take that time and perhaps ask questions of me via Email.

Here are a few of suggestions to ponder:

"Investing Wisely" requires that I have a large matrix of probability data from which I can calculate the "odds" and hence the true risk / reward ratio for each and every company and ETF before investing.Saying it another way, this work also provides the remarkable ability to calculate the percent profit potential for each security I may be considering for recommendation.

Here are some suggestions to ponder. A 20% profit potential is minimum. 
a) These three sectors are basically deteriorating when correlated with my previous data archive. Only when the favorable is above 50+% do I consider that sector or (grouping) having any prayer of producing reasonable profits in the foreseeable future. Conversely, this means that to take short positions in a bearish environment I want the unfavorable to be over 50+%; 
b) When the above "loser" figures ("unfavorable and "also-rans") are clearly 50+% in control - percent wise you have little chance of profiting and that's unacceptable odds (please re-visit my above supporting tables); 
c) Numbers, raw data, statistics and odds don't lie, it is always the author / blogger that so often does so - hopefully unknowingly or naively; 
d) You will begin to benefit (profit consistently) if you will accept and perhaps question what I am sharing.

Caveat: I do not publish these figures frequently enough for you to use them to help make your investment decisions. Please Don't! As you know I preach "Selectivity" in many of my articles.

Table IV - Current Loser Ratio by Percent

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