Markets Were Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying ... Not Much?

Checking in on Eric Holder, the former US Attorney General has landed on his feet; actually he landed back at his old job at Covington & Burling, a high powered law firm that regularly represents some of the biggest financial firms in the country; he even landed back in his old office, which the firm kept empty, waiting for his return. Holder will settle into a $2.5 million a year contract; not bad for a guy who could not get a single conviction in court for any crimes related to the financial crisis.

Right now a piano-sized spacecraft is barreling through space at over 36,000 mph. The target is Pluto. So far the New Horizons spacecraft has traveled nearly 3 billion miles. This week it got close, by space standards, just a few million miles away; which was close enough to snap a few good photos. The new pictures show some details we have never seen before. Pluto has distinctive contrasting dark and light colors on its surface. A large light colored region, about 1,000 miles across, is kind of shaped like an enormous heart. NASA has carefully calibrated the spacecraft to fly within 7,600 miles of Pluto on Tuesday. The spacecraft should be able to tell if there are impact craters on Pluto’s moon, and close enough to take detailed pictures of something the size of a football field; just in case someone is playing football on Pluto.

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