Markets Don't Seem To Give In, Once And When They Do, It Probably Will Be The End-game

In the USA the police forces are being militarized. American Leaders are aware that they have an enormous growing domestic problem, and it's called RACISM. The American Black population and Latino's are growing at a fast pace and about to become the 'jobless-poor' majority in the USA. The vehicles which are being used by the police and the way the riots are dealt with, make think of the situation in South-Africa until 1994 when Nelson Mandela was elected and the public/legal Apartheid was terminated. Anybody who has lived the 1990's in South-Africa understands the situation. Add to this that there is a difference between US-colored people and Africans. Not normal that I have to be careful about the way I am phrasing this paragraph. There is a REAL RISK that this may spread all over the USA.  

This is all about unemployed people living off foodstamps.

At the same time WAR is expanding in East Europe and the Middle-East and the Mainstream Media are slowly but surely trying to convince the Herd that WAR and Social unrest's are NORMALCY,...extremely dangerous and potentially explosive situation...more

Off course, in this new World War III, they are all TERRORISTS... Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a law Aug. 18 that expands the powers of police in what the country calls the anti-terrorist operation (ATO). "The document gives the right to law enforcers to apply without warning measures of physical effect, special means and firearms against persons who are recognized terrorists under the Law of Ukraine [called] 'On [the] struggle against terrorism,'" a presidential statement said. The law is intended to increase the safety level of law enforcers in the course the ATO and facilitate "more efficient fulfillment of tasks on neutralization of terrorists," according to the president's statement...more

And we should not forget about the Inevitable Caliphate. Who would only 10 years ago have expected, or even imagined that such a situation would ever be possible in the 21st century!?

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