E Market Briefing For Wednesday, Nov. 25

On the vaccine 'spin' . . I noted some reports have changed the expression 'side effects' to just the word 'reaction', so as to seemingly minimize reported post-vaccination disorientation, fever, and pain, that some say lasted a week or so, and caused work absence for a day or two. Depending 'which' vaccines have 'that' reaction, but minimize public willingness to be inoculated, matters.

Yes I seriously contemplate postponing accepting it, even as I presume it will be offered given my age bracket (39+), so will have a chat with physician on that topic. I'm unsure about the 'early' vaccines, I have tended to prefer (still do) 'therapeutic antibodies' as that is, or will be, a way to intervene proactively should symptoms appear (and perhaps do nothing until that possibility arrives, or if one is proven to have say 6-12 months efficacy), perhaps in-lieu of any vaccine, but I cannot firmly say I have a conviction yet about how this works. I do know that big-pharmas limited the type of patients they would enroll in trial participation, although a couple more recently have broadened criteria. Many above a certain age have some co-morbidity or at least high blood pressure or similar, so outcomes (and tolerability) in such groups is rather pertinent.

By the way, not that I'm pleased at all with Sorrento (SRNE) management's optimistic outlooks, and then nothing arrives in the time-frame they estimated, I concur with the idea that 'antiviral / antibody' treatments for many may become what is the preferred way to go 'if' confronted with COVID. Note President Trump got an antibody treatment, not a vaccine. And he's relatively fine (so it seems).

In the case of Sorrento, they 'promise' a low-dose (for-instance) 100 mg shot, versus the 4 grams (twice) that President Trump had of a Regeneron IV (REGN). In my thinking so far, although the market soared on the vaccine news, that's for probably mass protection and the concept of 'happy days are here again' has dominated (more so than Biden, Yellen or any of the rest, but a combination).

I think this weakened stocks like Sorrento, but that might reverse if a) people increasingly accept 'antibody treatments' as the preferable or back-up drug, or b) Sorrento actually succeeds (and we don't know if they will) thus allowing a treatment without hospitalization, or c) the eventual pill or nasal treatment, of course reducing anxiety broadly, even more so than basic drugs or vaccines.

In-essence, it is not that I have a particular fear of COVID (hard to characterize) but realizing even as many still squabble about what's the best approach, or if they'll take the vaccine vs. antibodies (or have both available), the market key remains the idea of bridging the gap of a miserable winter (seems to be lost in the shuffle, and we hope the situation is nowhere near as horrid as most cities and states, and even countries, are reporting rising case levels). The point is: even though mortality levels have thankfully improved, lingering after-affects in most patients, proves COVID recovery is no walk-in-the-park. Best of all: not to get sick in the first place, which is why many of us disengaged a lot. Is that fear, or is that common-sense to minimize interactions until we know more.

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