E Market Briefing For Wednesday, Jan. 13

Conspiracy triggered sedition against the United States as you know, and it now comes to a head. It has nothing to do with whether one considers Joe Biden as a capable or potentially soft candidate, and everything to do with the range of social elements (mostly within Republican ranks or flat-out radicals), that do not comprehend the Law or an understanding of our Constitution, and a President that refused (until after-the-event) to tell the supporters to 'chill'. It became sedition the minute after the SCOTUS ruling.

Executive Summary:

  • The stock market has fortunately been sanguine during these two days so far of my illness (I won't know until Thursday whether it's ...COVID.. or not).
  • And I suspected the market would be mostly neutral this week amidst the chaos leading to the plug being pulled on Donald Trump, who of course is taking no personal responsibility for what happened (he encouraged).
  • The insurrection will not easily be consigned to the past, regardless of the 'vote' to Impeach, and because Trump is the instigator, he won't resign (it would be the best course but he doesn't care enough about the Country).
  • At minimum Congress should censure Trump, which would be symbolic in a sense, but time allows for that (he shows no contrition at all).
  • FBI officials and others clarified the criminal offenses by Trump's mob that was whipped into a frenzy, remember he declined authorizing the 'Guard' quickly, and that alone was a form of 'obstruction' of calming things down, and it's so sad that the so-called law & order President is anything but.
  • Trump is pathetic and as usual turns against anyone or any institution that follows the Law or does anything he doesn't approve of, total dereliction it seems of his Constitutional responsibilities, again it seems hyperbolic and most Republicans will still support Trump, but if so they too don't get it.
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