E Market Briefing For Tuesday, Jan. 5

  • Geopolitical concerns, Iran, as apparently our Carrier Group withdrawal was seen as a 'retreat' rather than as an 'olive branch' gesture, so clearly if any other provocation (after the Korean tanker or refusal to release it) occurs, that's possibly going to trigger another unsavory contingency.
  • Another being the disappearance of Alibaba (BABA) co-founder Jack Ma, he's missing for a couple months now, after calling the Chinese Communist Party a bunch of 'out-of-touch old men', well they weren't pleased.
  • That we already know, but is he in hiding, just low-key for awhile, or did he flee, or has he been 'disappeared' by the notoriously evil CCP (?).
  • We already know Beijing nixed ANT, and are trying to suppress the large corporations from accumulating too much power (they're not alone in that of course), but their methods 'could' create a new financial split which by no means is in the mix as of yet, and it's not related to trading issues.
  • Now to COVID-19: AstraZeneca / Oxford (AZN) rolling out its vaccine in the UK, while also (I hear) exploring a deal with Russia for the Sputnik V vaccine (dubious citizens will be enthused about it, although some countries are trying it and as evidenced by the hoards of Seniors trying to get vaccine in my state, there is a sense of panic to be among early recipients.. for the rest of us, a bit more patience 'if' we are willing to take the vaccines),
  • As to 'half-doses' of vaccines 'here', as researchers say it's 'just as good' as the full-dose, well that's not reassuring, if it's the same protection, why does the US pay huge sums to 'big pharma' if half of it would suffice (?).
  • Of course it's not the same and one should follow the science which was developed by different dosing and timing levels for a few months.
  • Now this suggests not just panic, but dare we add perhaps the pharma companies are trying to get as much of the 'current' vaccines into arms, before the possibility of the 'new variant(s)' not being protected against.
  • Once (if) that becomes the case, you'd have to modify the vaccines and that would probably (even if the present ones 'sort of' work) trigger more boycotts of wanting the initial ones.
  • Well that takes us back to the lack of pushing 'antibody therapeutics' in a faster way, whether Sorrento's or Merck's (MRK) or others, not it can happen but the rush is on.
  • Additionally there are other vaccine types, like Inovio's INO-4800 which is a DNA vaccine that can be modified (designed) swiftly to engage new or shifting variants of the virus from what I understand.
  • Furthermore the demand for 'accurate' rapid testing will grow even faster, while acceptance of 'flip-a-coin' testing will be cast asunder rapidly.
  • Mandatory lockdown 'thru' mid-February now ordered for 'all' the UK, this is a warning that they can't control viral spread, more vaccines or not.
  • Meanwhile, INO has two feet in the door in China, which is a technology or export risk, but the royalties will be helpful and push the FDA faster (I will address this particular development a bit more later).
  • Inovio might however be on the inside-track with with vaccine deals with other Chinese vaccine producers with their deal announced today.
  • This morning I suggested Sorrento would rebound solidly as more shorts become fearful of holding overnight given prospects for an FDA ruling on their Covi-Stix EUA (nasal rapid test, with advantages vs. others), we do not have that yet, but expect an FDA decision this week or next.
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