E Market Briefing For Tuesday, Jan. 5

1) Have questionable cellular response, but rather humeral response; 2) are tricky to boost due to ever-increasing sensitivity reaction to adjuvants; 3) are possibly positioning frontline healthcare workers as carriers (or even lots of people who innocently might be after being protected themselves.. perish that thought); 4) require millions in expenses to transport and distribute (chilled), 5) and an unknown: moving forward may make those vaccinated with 'first generation vaccines' more vulnerable to successive related infections, these last are known unknowns generally not being discussed in open forums, yet.

If you wonder why I question Washington, well Operation Warp Speed gave Sanofi (SNY) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) $2 billion of taxpayer's money. Thus far those two haven't yet produced even a single dose of vaccines. At the same time, OWS gave ZERO dollars to Inovio who had the vaccine ready for testing in the first quarter of 2020, had a unique delivery system with a 'hold' that later was released, and is not complex for shipping, storage or shelf-life.

And in the case of Sorrento, they were not 'in' OWS, have the only 'antibody therapeutics' 50x more potent than Lilly (LLY) or Regeneron (REGN), also very low-dose with almost immediate efficacy on a single injection. After some initial flurry, they're not even talked about except in occasional news releases but never discussion, so maybe that relates to big pharma advertising with mainstream media too, but I wouldn't know about that.

Regardless if this looks to you that OWS has shown good conservatorship of US taxpayers' money, and took the best possible care of our citizen's health, it is pretty clear that the next-generation tests, treatments and vaccines get just the slow boat (to China?) and not 'fast-tracked' as deserved by FDA / OWS.

Executive summary:

  • S&P clobbered, small-caps mixed given the beginning of a new tax year.
  • NYSE will 'not' delist Chinese telecom stocks as previously intended, and that is contributing to the S&P futures being solidly ahead this evening.
  • Impossible to gauge proportion of S&P / DJIA shakeout seriously related to pushing super-caps into a new tax year for investors take gains (as I've speculated likely) or whether it's the prospects of Georgia's Senate race.
  • The President's phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State does not at all help the Republican Senate contenders in Tuesday's Election, and that indirectly is a contributing factor to the market's jitters too.
  • The market would welcome a Republican retention of the Senate, while it generally views (I think) the belabored Georgia Presidential vote-count as just political theater, orchestrated by a President who thinks he's merely repaying what he thinks was done to undermine his candidacy.
  • Remember I thought that even Joe Biden wanted the Republicans to 'win' the Senate seats, because it would reduce pressure on him from the Left, if it now looks like Trump actually hurt Republican chances, the markets in this interpretation, are more concerned than they were.
  • Hence 2 days ahead that politically are more crucial than ...the Election, and it's tough to figure since the 'telephone disruption' was on the holiday weekend and this is the first trading day of the New Year with something like this introduced into the basket of challenges for the market.
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