E Market Briefing For Thursday, May 27

  • Listening to Dr. Fauci's rationale for Wuhan Lab testing, it sounds like the early stories of NIH funding research had merit, and for China what might have been an accidental release of the horrible scourge went from initial denials and cover-up's to what amounts to criminal (even warlike) action.
  • It's now very clear that Dr. Fauci 'omitted' (being kind) reporting pre-COVID Wuhan funding (with a pathetic excuse of not in Fairfax County Virginia), I think he's gone way beyond his job description, but I always was irritated by his opposition to funding 'therapeutic HIV treatments', always focusing on vaccines (we still doesn't have it), delaying arrival of pills to fight HIV.
  • So it makes sense President Biden today ordered Intelligence Agencies to delved into the origins of the virus, after denying suspending what was being done along those lines at the State Dept., I think that means we're going to find out it was from the lab in Wuhan, so the White House wants to get out in front of that, as appearing to promote the old story could soon bite.
  • Interestingly January's statement came from 'The Bureau of Arms Control' at State, as underplayed in almost all media), our view has leaned since January (well before Washington) suspecting it indeed was a bioweapon released from the Wuhan Lab, unintentional accident or not.
  • Finally, the statement 2 weeks ago by a Beijing researcher saying China beat the US in the bio-war of 2020 is not conducive to cordiality, Beijing at this point has some nerve to criticize the U.S. for investigating the origins, and no, despite my desire to retaliate against the CCP (not the PRC itself) for attacking 'me' with the CCP virus, I didn't nudge the new investigation (please understand my slightly wry humor at times, not meant literally).
  • This evening the FDA granted EUA to both Glaxo Smith-Kline (GSK) and Vir Biotechnology (VIR), for their monoclonal antibody drugs, hopefully they work, also it vindicates a bit more the efforts by Sorrento on this front, although I'm very frustrated about the slow speed or roadblocks delaying progress sooner, by the way Dr. Fauci resisted MAB's similarly to little faith in HIV cocktails years ago.
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Gene Inger 2 months ago Author's comment

P.S. If anyone wants my full reports, which I'm doing having recovered from Covid a few weeks ago; kindly visit www.ingerletter.com and subscribe to The Daily Briefing. In this weekend's report I delve more into the Wuhan-gate scandle that is about to go 'full Monte'. I work diligently at this, gave the correct advice, and would appreciate your joining.

William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

Educational,and interesting as well. And when (IF) the actual truth comes out we will understand just how badly all of those charged with keeping the population safe failed to do that.

Certainly the virus could have been utilized as a horribly deadly weapon if that had been the intention. Instead it was a deadly plague that just escaped the lab, not a weapon deployed. And our president totally denied it existed.

Gene Inger 2 months ago Author's comment

Yes; interestingly I suspected from the Lab in Jan. 2020 and said so; a Chinese couple attended a seminar I gave near Disneyworld and they told me about all the people streaming out of Wuhan. And on March 23rd I nailed the low as you likely know while many were in panic; but the Fed stated their posture. In this weekend's report (only part will be posted here; the entire report and videos are sent to my subscribers) I share a bit of the Australian expose today of Dr. Fauci's connection; and no Trump was NOT briefed; but this could be a huge scandal as you say. And it comes out (and Biden switched to 'wanting' the intelligence) as of course they can't keep a lid on it forever. There are tons of intelligence on this and it came from the Wuhan lab; and even if unintentional; apparently was meant as a weapon; not as research to protect from a virus. That's a spin.

William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

Exactly So!!! Just like the atomic bomb would not have been "Invented" accidentally during research for atomic power.

It is so very offensive for any level of government people to lie to us to avoid getting folks upset.

It seems that they believe that we are all stupid and only they are at all smart. Orwell was right!!