E Market Briefing For Thursday, Jan. 6

  • Political violence often begets more political violence, so note that reality, with a wish that we simply move into a more united era as Biden pledges, but it becomes trickier given divisive politics that have preceded this.
  • So is this what happens in the era of fake news, agenda politics, and an unmonitored (until recently) social media environment that for a long time wasn't exactly censored, but allowed groups to plot and organize (?).
  • 'Quasi-censorship' started with terrorism and a lot of that was shut down, but this goes beyond free expression, especially with millions viewing an election as 'fake', that's why I thought days ago the divisiveness needed to end, regardless of whether there were voting irregularities or not.
  • My view is that investors/citizens must insist we avoid domination by the right or the left in all this, with the 'center' holding against pressures.
  • If so, and considering the divisive media we've all suffered through, it will tend to reinforce my view of most things in life being 'neither black nor white but shades of gray', as that would argue for political compromise.
  • The appointment of Garland as AG isn't a market factor for now, but does in a sense immediately reflect the prospects of getting Senate approval in the wake of the Georgia vote.
  • Another 'fiscal push' has to be the primary theme of the market's push to higher levels, again that's reflected by infrastructure stocks zooming too, and probably the primary reason the market held together today.
  • COVID updates: every metric regarding still skyrocketing, overshadowing these other issues that of course we continue keeping an eye on.
  • Dr. Gottlieb was on CNBC this morning reiterating 'variant' resistance 'possibly' to existing vaccines and 'current' antibody therapeutics.
  • I have heard (but Sorrento has not updated), that in preclinical studies, both STI-1499 and STI-2020 demonstrated potent neutralizing activity against SARS-CoV-2 virus isolates, including the emerging Spike D614G variant virus, if affirmed by Sorrento (srne) that would be an important factor.
  • Sorrento CEO Dr. Ji said their cocktail is designed to work against over 100 potential variants of the virus, no data on success yet provided, once STI-2020's approved a transformative process is very likely to be quicker on the next strand uptake, and that's one reason MaB's beat vaccines.
  • Regeneron (REGN) and Lilly (LLY) antibodies have only a slight affinity to original virus and therefore require high concentrations (the huge IV load Trump took is a way to look at that), so they may be first to fail with mutant variants.
  • Since SRNE's antibody has a high affinity to original virus, it's likely some decrease in affinity against mutant virus would still leave significant room for being efficacious overall, and that's the currently pending version.
  • Also, Inovio (INO) announced positive efficacy results from a Phase 2 trial of VGX-3100 to treat HPV-16 and HPV-18-associated vulvar dysplasia.. of course this DNA solution predated COVID.
  • Progress is important and the shares responded with a reasonable rise, reduction of precancerous disease offers a meaningful improvement in management of this devastating women's disease, per the primary work Inovio has been doing in oncology, the COVID vaccine is promising too.
  • Issues we're being confronted with now, are exogenous by reasonable definition, but COVID is still key, especially 'if' existing vaccines don't work sufficiently on the new variant (the plasma story may be a way of slowing breaking such news to the public, and we'll follow-up on this),
  • One advantage Sorrento's approach has if that they can design specific antibodies in a hurry, and likewise some say that Inovio could design a new DNA vaccine in a single day, hence where is the help to get it done.
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